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A peek inside my purse.



Lilly and I were enjoying a snack in the lobby of the YMCA after my morning workout when I realized that the bottom of my purse/gym bag/diaper bag was damp. I quickly realized that Lillian had put back the water bottle upside down with the sports top still open. Pretty standard really.



One hot mess of a bag.

As I unloaded the contents of this mixed bag on the table I began to laugh at myself. Long gone are the days of trying to find the perfect purse to match my “going out” outfit and behold the new age of “throw random crap in a coffee stained bag and pretend it’s a purse” purse. That day I laughed at the random assortment of items that filled  my mommy bag. Some things I packed that day and others have been left in there for weeks. I use this bag as my day to day “purse” and have another, much larger gym bag for all of my running specific gear (shoes, fuel belt, shower gear).


insdie bag 2


Inside the bag of a mother runner (clockwise starting from top left):

Lilly’s pink baseball cap.

Car keys.

Extra pair of toddler socks.

2 water bottles.

Lilly’s corn muffin purchased at YMCA (I treat this as kryptonite and don’t touch!!)

2 crayons and a pen.

Clifs shot blocks, because you never know when you’re going to run long. 🙂

Mommy and me sunglasses.

Deodorant. A true necessity.

My Burberry Wallet.

2 pairs of diapers and wipes. I PROMISE I will potty train this kiddo soon!

My lock for the gym.

MAC lipstick- Hot Tahiti.

Missing items:

My phone.

A banana- which I had clearly inhaled immediately after my workout.

An extra snack for Lilly- typically an on-the-go apple sauce or cereal bar.




The contents of my purse don’t lie- I’m a runner and definitely a mother. 🙂 My coffee-stained, water-logged diaper bag/mom purse may not be fancy or flashy, but it’s definitely me!

I love being a running mom!!



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