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What’s going on….


I promised myself that I would post today so here I am posting. I have about 30 minutes so let see how many words I can smash together on this screen. I haven’t had an epiphany or emotional crisis. Okay well that’s probably a lie, I’ve an emotional being so I’m sure I’ve had lots of mini-crises in the past 2 weeks but as per usual the feeling pass. What have I been up to? Hmmm…. Well…

* My body is semi broken: First thing I should probably say is that I was running a lot. Like A LOT. Like 70+ mile weeks a lot. Which in itself isn’t that bad, however I simply wasn’t doing enough strength work to back it up. I’m a bonehead. I know the rules. I make my athletes follow the rules. If you want to run then you have to lift at least 1x a week, ideally 2. Because of my boneheadednessity (yea, we’ll make that a word) I had a hiccup in my training that resulted in a swollen/painful knee. I refuse to call myself injured; however, I took 3 days off and started physical therapy at Teamwork Physical Therapy in Quincy, because I’m proactive like that.

Yes, I’m well aware my boot socks are awesome (Thanks mom), but also notice how my left quad has subtly more definition than my right? Muscular inbalances are no bueno for running. The only answer is strength training!


So far I’ve learned that I have to do more hip strengthening exercises (boo) and that my right hip is so week that my left leg has been compensating for it. So much so that my left quad actually looks like the hulk and my right leg is all shriveled and sadness. The reality is that if I want to run a lot then I have to do the strength work to back it up. I’m still planning on running Sugarloaf in May as well as Martha’s Vineyard 20 miler tomorrow …. weeeeeeeeeeee! We’ll see how that goes! However, training for Sugarloaf will have to be adjusted to lower mileage and lower intensity. My focus is really to just get through this weekend.



* I have been reading- adult books! This is a BIG deal. I have been reading- a lot. Well, I’ve been reading Harry Potter to Lillian for the past few months but that’s neither here nor there. I often struggle with either making the time to read or staying conscious long enough at night to get through a page. However, I just got this book, Endure: Mind, Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance and I can’t put it down!! Guess I made the right call to start the Sports Psychology program :). I highly recommend this book to anyone who is curious about how the human mind works and wonders if we ever reach our true limit during a race.


Greg has a go-pro and often runs ahead on the trail then jumps out of the bushes and takes pictures. He’s the trail paparazzi!!


*Trail running with the boys. For the past few months my friend Greg has been asking me to go trail running with his crew in Blue Hills. Week after week I have declined. I’ve used the excuse that it doesn’t fit in with my training plan, but in all honesty I was nervous that the trails would be too hard or that I’d fall behind. But Greg kept asking… and a few weeks back I caved and had a blast!! So, last weekend I went out for 16 miles on the trails in Blue Hills with Greg and a few of his friends again. It was pouring rain at times and muddy fun. The boys even tolerated me asking them about relationships, their moisturizing routine (don’t ask) and other nosy girl stuff. I’m not sure I’ll be invited back, but I had a blast! And honestly…. it got me to start daydreaming about trail races….. possibly next fall… posssssssssibly an ultra- if my right leg doesn’t fall off first.


Can you see the water bottle tucked into the small of my back?

* I’ve been falling in love with a new water bottle I received from SimpleHydration. I received it as a gift from a friend and wasn’t so sure about having a waterbottle smashed right up against my tush. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Yes, I’m well aware I’m stubborn. However, it’s been a few months now and I’ve noticed that I start to reach for my SimpleHydration bottle over my hand flask or waistbelt. I like my hands free and I don’t mind refilling the bottle if I’m out on really long runs. As you know I’m really not into product placement on this blog, but I use this and I really like it soooooo… if you’re looking for a water bottle- I’d recommend giving it a try :).


Puppy sitting Grettle 🙂

* I’ve been mom’ing a lot. Lillian and I have been pet sitting here and there- which naturally has made me want a puppy REALLLLLY bad. I’ve decided that I’m going to buy a Viszla… in a year or two. I hate being financially responsible. Honestly, I want a running partner and since men are being stupid the only logical thing I can come up with is to replace them with a dog. Seems reasonable, right?


Good times in Warwick with Kristi and Philip, my adoptive parents… who do yoga while drinking wine while listening to Desposito on repeat.

*I’ve been reaching out to friends as much as possible… wining here and there and secretly hiding money in their home when they try to pay for me for dinner (KRISTI!) :-P.

When friends become family 🙂



* One more thing…. I applied to Wilder, a weekend long retreat in Maine for women who love running and writing. I truly want to become a better writer and begin to hone this skill; this workshop is the perfect opportunity to surround myself with knowledgeable, passionate women. Organized by Lauren Fleshman, Marianne Eliott and Laurie Wagner I can only hope to be accepted into this fall program. We will see! I will find out in a few weeks and will let you know either way :).

My time is up! I have to pack, get to morning physical therapy and then get my bum to the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard! I’ve got a race to run tomorrow!!! Wahoooooooooo!


Can’t stop. Won’t stop.




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