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Our first family picture! (and last week’s workouts)

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The whole clan!


Even though I currently live in the south shore, Boston my roots will always be in New Jersey. I grew up in Mendham Township, a two-stoplight-town in northern Jersey where many dads made the 45 minute commute into Manhattan.


Growing up my parents owned a few horses and over 8 luscious acres of private land with a pool, barn and even a corral to ride. I’ll admit it- I was clueless as to how good I had it- but that’s what college (and the years post-college up through today) is for, right? I was provided for, cared for and deeply loved. My dad worked his bum off in the family business while my mom stayed home and raised three kids. I was too young to notice that my mother didn’t buy new clothes, get her nails done or get a babysitter for her own “me time.” She gave her three children- my brother, sister and I all of her time, extra money and really- all of her energy. She was there when we got on the bus in the morning and when we got off at the end of the day. She was always there. Honestly, I didn’t want for much. She put her own needs aside to raise her family. She was really good at being a mother.

Every time I feel challenged by Lillian I remind myself of my mother’s selflessness in raising her children. No seriously, how do moms with multiple kids do it?? When you have another child it’s as if you re-start the egg timer and give yourself and your freedoms up all over again- for your family, the laughs, love and the future of course! Even still- I am amazed by my own mother’s selflessness and strength in running a family of five, as well as other moms with multiple kids.



As I mentioned earlier my entire family still lives in Jersey and I miss them a ton! This past weekend Owen, Lilly and I trekked down to NJ to take our first ever family picture. The photographer Anne Constance did an amazing job at capturing the love and happiness within my growing family! She primarily works with expectant mothers, newborn babes, and families in New Jersey, is incredibly personable, professional and most-importantly patient in working with children! I can’t recommend her or her work enough! Here is a link to her blog and other pictures from my family’s photo shoot: Blog.

So, I think it’s time I officially introduced you to my loving, and not-to-mention very active family:

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Love these guys!


From left to right (person, shoe of choice, preferred workout):

Owen- Brooks Transcend, biking/some running; Lilly, running everywhere; Kass/me Brooks Adrenaline/Ravenna, running; Nate/BIL -NB Minimus, trail running; Kerry/sister- Asics Gel-Nimbus, running/spinning; baby Kiera & Dylan, full contact sports; Maree/mom- Brooks Glycerin, walking/running; Ken/dad- Saucony Hurricane/NB 990, running/spinning/golfing; Kenny/brother- NB 990, running/golfing; nephew Ryan, knee hockey; Keri/SIL-  unaffiliated (aka future Brooks lover), walking with baby Samantha.


Anne, the photographer kept doing “bunny ears” to get the kiddos to smile and laugh. Naturally my child started copying her.


Your cousins are your first best friends, right?  It’s so much fun to watch Lilly, Ryan and Dylan grow and play together.


Fullscreen capture 7292014 94126 AM

Ryan 2.5 , Lilly 2.9 and Dylan 3.9 yrs.
Little do you know Lillian is protecting her precious My Little Pony band-aid on her knee. The photographer joked, “I’m going to get that sticker!” So she crossed her legs and held on tight! Too cute.


Most of the photography session looked like this…. Lilly running this way… Lilly running that way… “Please sit still Lilly!!!.. Umm, any chance we can do some action shots?”


Flashing a smile of success as she flees the photoshoot.



Last week’s workouts:

Nearly 60 miles, my 30th birthday, a trip to NJ and 30+ hours of work at the running store- yes, another very full week is in the books!

You know you love your family when you reschedule your long run to be with them! In order to be conscious and able to stand upright for Saturday’s family pictures, I decided to move my Saturday long run to Friday. On Friday’s run my body was still pretty tired from Wednesday’s hill repeats, but I made the best of it. I’m not entirely happy with the overall pace, but I have 10.5 more weeks of training until Chicago- so there is plenty of time to work on my long-run pacing game. Here’s the shakedown…

M: Birthday Run! 11.2 miles @ 7:28 pace (3 x 2 mile repeats)

T: 4 easy miles @ 8:40/ 60 minute full body lift

W: 10.3 miles @ 8:05 (8 hill repeats)

Th: 3.2 easy miles @ 8:54/ 45 min full body lift

F: 18.1 miles @ 7:54 (then drive down to Jersey)

Sat: 8.1 miles @ 8:08 (Pictures! Drive back to Boston!)

Sun: 4 miles @ 8:22


Total: 59 miles!
Up next week: A well-deserved, low-mileage recovery week! Phew, I’m spent!!

Quite possibly my favorite pictures from the weekend









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  1. Jessica

    Love love love the family pics!! So many red-heads in one place 🙂

  2. Mark Varner

    Perfect family picture even though Lilly goes zoom zoom! Future sprinter or long distance runner like her mom? Great to meet the rest of you family!

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