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Week in Review 11.17-11.23: Developing a running base (and my fav pics from the week)

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Run Happy.

After a couple of tough weeks of running post Chicago I am finally starting to feel like myself on the road again! Phew!!

This past week was devoted to developing a solid base of miles that will help me when I begin training for Boston on December 1 (woohoo!). I ran most of my workouts around a steady eight minute pace (unlike most training runs, this time I tried to run relatively even splits throughout the entirety of the run); my current goal is to safely build up my miles and develop durability in my legs. It is no secret that speed work significantly taxes the muscle so much so that a runner is at an increased risk for injury if speed work is completed without a solid running base. Therefore my current approach to running is to build durability now, speed will come later!

I have also been having an awesome time challenging myself in the pool. I must say that I am an absolutely, hilariously, awful swimmer- but I LOVE it!!! haha! I am having so much fun developing a new skill and my hope is that it can only help my running (more on swimming in a future post).


Here’s this past week’s shakedown: 

M: 60 min strength training

T: 8 mi @ 8:03 pace; 1/2 mi swim

W: 6.5 mi @ 7:58 pace

Th: 45 min lift; swim lesson (1/2 mile)

F: 8 mi @ 8:03 pace

Sat: Long run- 12 mi @ 8:02 pace

Sun: Recovery 4 mi @ 8:55; 1/2 mi swim

Run 38.5 mi
Swim 1.5 mi


Last week in pics: 

Here are some of my favorite pics and silly moments from this past week. Enjoy!

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On Monday I drove Lilly to preschool in monsoon-like conditions.Thankfully I didn’t have a run planned for the day!
photo 2

Tuesday: I tried out a new (amazing) massage therapist, Leigh Barton at Featherstones Massage in Kingston, MA. And yes, the studio is located above a bakery- dangerous, oh so dangerous.

photo 4

Kicked off Wednesday with a very chilly 6 miles!


photo 3

After work I picked up a smiley Lillian from preschool. Love my mini-me!!


photo 1

At least three massage therapists have encouraged me to try an Epson Salt bath to relieve my sore muscles.
Thursday night I tucked Lillian in to bed and the drew myself a relaxing bath (first one in over 3 years). Thump thump thump…. seconds later I heard “why you taking bath mommy? Me wash you mommy?” Ahhh!!! GO BACK TO BED Lillian!! Bath #1 was a fail. Try, try again.


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Pounded out some solid miles at a relatively even pace on Saturday. During my “off season” the goal is to safely build back a solid base, not speed.




photo 3 (1)

On Sunday we took LIllian (and pony) to meet Santa for the first time!! ~ She asked him for a kitty… yikes… Santas going to have to think hard about that one.


Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!!

Never Give Up & Never Stop Running,

<3 The Lone Runner



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