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The Ugly Truth: Runners Must Adapt to Survive! (Week in Review)




Wompatuck State Park trail in Hingham, MA

Every week since I have started running seems to be filled with new adventures, twists and turns. Over the past two years I went from 5K to marathon in 10 months, BQ’ed twice and fell in madly in love with every aspect of running.

I’ll admit that I have slept in my running clothes to expedite the next morning’s roll. I have ran in tights without underwear (only once!) because who wants to ruin their lace undies? I have woken up at 4:30 am to squeeze in a 5 mile run before catching a 6:30 flight- which I made! Once after being jokingly told by a police officer to ‘slow down’ while running I instinctively screamed back ‘NEVER!!’ And recently I have ran I have gotten hit by a car kept running for 7 more miles (yea, I’m pretty sure I gave my husband a heart attack when I told him that one).

I love the feeling of accomplishment I get from finishing a run… the thrill of PR’ing… the excitement of going faster or farther than ever before… the calm that takes over when everything in my body clicks and I glide along.

When I run I am home and everything feels right.

But what do you do when your body revolts and everything suddenly feels disjointed? Do you stop running and give up? No runners no, NEVER! You adapt! You survive!! You figure out how to keep doing the thing that has brought you so much joy! So that’s what I have been doing- adapting and surviving.

Week in Review: 11.10- 11.16

Life has thrown me a lot of curve balls in the past month and this past week was no exception.

This past week I have felt crooked. Actually, not only do I feel crooked, I am crooked; the muscles in my right leg are so tight that I am unable to straighten my leg! I snapped a picture of this painful phenomenon before hopping in the pool; in the picture below I am attempting to stand straight. Notice how much more the leg on the left (my right leg) covers my foot than the leg on the right side of the pic? Yea, that’s because my right hamstrings are SO INSANELY tight that they refuse to straighten. All week I have felt lopsided. It is uncomfortable and at times slightly painful.



Nearly two weeks ago I was hit by a car while running and sustained extremely minor injuries. That being said, I was still hit by a car. I slightly sprained my left ankle during the accident; I suppose I have been overcompensating with my right side because my calf, hamstrings and glutes on my right side are insanely tight. In order to loosen these muscles up I have been stretching, foam rolling, icing at night, and hydrating as much as possible. (TipAlways try *free* home remedies first to fight discomfort. Often the smallest, simplest changes- like staying hydrated and regularly stretching- will make a huge difference in your recovery time).  While I have noticed some improvement, I still feel crooked so I have scheduled a massage for early next week  (woohoo!).


Adapt to Survive

Most runners face pain/injury throughout their career, and I am not an exception. So, I will do as others have done in the past: adapt to survive. Never say die, right? This week of workouts I:

(1) Explored new strength training exercises to safely strengthen my hip flexors, glutes and overall lower body. (new post about this later this week)

(2) Explored new running routes! To avoid feeling frustrated about my slower pace that comes with my lopsidedness I focused on enjoying new surroundings.

(3) Continued learning to swim! What I do in the water can only loosely be described as swimming, but still, it’s something new and fun- and by strengthening the core, my back and arms it can only help my running, right?


Monday: 4.5 mi @ 7:52

Tuesday: 8 mi @ 8:22 pace.

I had SO much fun completing my first trail run!! I ran by Hornstra Dairy Farm’s fields on my way into the endless trails of Wompatuck State Park in Hingham, MA. I could have ran those trails for hours. Trail running is a whole new world to me… and I love it!!


Hornstra Farm, Hingham, MA


Surrounded by nature, I bobbed and weaved through tree branches as I made my way along the leaf-covered trail. This adventure was exciting, new and unlike any other run I have ever done before! I’ll definitely be back!!

Wednesday: Gentle yoga (guided stretching for 1 hr)


Strength training, 45 min

Swim lesson, 45 min

8 miles @ 8:10 pace

Thursday was my day off from work so I decided to do a little bit of everything. My swim lesson still doesn’t really constitute a workout (still working on breathing and technique), so I decided to drive down to Hingham again for another sunny run! This time I ran through Bare Cove dog park, because who doesn’t like to run with dogs at their side? So much fun!


The beaches of Bare Cove Park. Hingham, MA


Rule #57 of running: If your run ends in a field you need to lay down in it. Write that down.


 Friday: Swim .5 mile (Ridiculously slow and lots of stopping, but I still did it!)
Saturday: Long hilly run- 10.2 mi @ 8:17 pace

photo 1 (3)

Post run Sydney kisses are the best.


Easy- 4 mi @ 8:45 pace
Swim .5 mi



34.8 miles ran
1.5 miles swam


Over the next two weeks my goals are to strengthen my lower body through new workouts (swimming and strength training) while finding ways to still enjoy running as my body works out its kinks

Never say die and Never Stop Running, right?? 🙂

photo 2 (4)

The key to a successful dinner out with a toddler: Sitting next to a fish tank!
We took Lillian out for thai food at Lime Leaf Cafe in Weymouth on Saturday night and she had so much fun eating and watching the fishies. 🙂


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  1. Pam

    Sorry you are struggling post car accident, but taking things easy is smart. Please be careful when running on that trail solo and carry some kind of protection….you never know who might be lurking.

  2. That trail is so gorgeous! Good work on the adapting….

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