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Week in Review: 7.29 to 8.4

 Picture of the Week


France: where they serve cookies with their coffee. Seriously.
Me and France, we’re besties. #destiny


30 min strength training in France.

I did what I could in a small bedroom with a set of 5 lb weights and 10 lb weights: 2 sets (12 reps each) of bicep curls, overhead shoulder press, front and side raises

Body weight exercises:  3 sets of the following: 15 push ups, 12 L and R side planks, plank, and tri dips off the bed’s footboard (had to get creative!).

Not a thorough lift, but I did my best!



9.5 mi run at 8:39 pace (82 minutes)

Last run in in the alps… and it looked like this:

Screen Captures1

As you can tell I started the run at the top of a hill and went down, down, down, which only meant I had to climb all the way back up at the end. A total elevation gain of 2,068 ft. Whoa!

The goal of the run was survival- not speed. As you can tell mile 9 and 10 nearly killed me with a whopping 10:46 and 11:36 pace– yes, I had to circle in many driveways during my final ascent.

But the view from the top- simply amazing!



This is pretty much what I looked like eating for the rest of the day!! Rungry!


Rest day!



14.2 mile run, 8:05 pace (114 min)

This run started off a little rough (I blame the 3 cheese calzone from Wednesday’s flight!), but once I settled in I found a nice brisk pace that I could maintain (errr, sort of).

Please note the drastic difference between the elevation charts below and above. Bottom line: Braintree, MA is much flatter than the alps!

Screen Captures

This run took a lot out of me mentally and physically. I pretty much walked around like a zombie for the rest of the day eating everything in sight (Fage yogurt with honey, banana, Kind bars galore, chocolate lover’s protein shake yes please!). It was glorious- yet exhausting.


60 min whole body lift, abs and lots of stretching/foam rollering



3.1 mi recovery run, 9:40 pace (30 min); stretching



3.1 mi, 6:46 pace  (20:58) – Race report coming soon!


Post race stretching and snack time on the track with my biggest fan!

Total Miles: 29.9


Quote of the Week
Me: It looks like there will only be 200 or less people at Sunday’s race.

Hubs: Then you should win it.

Me: (sarcastic) Err, ok- I’ll get right on that one.

Hubs: It’s not that hard. You just have to beat everyone else.

Me: Yes, I do believe that is the definition of winning.

(fyi, I did not win the race… that’s the best part of running- there’s always someone faster to chase!)

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