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Week in Review: 7.15 to 7.21


Now if only I could teach her to massage my aching feet or fan me.

This week was a tough week as it was ridiculously hot and humid. I began most of the runs before 6 am and they still ended up feeling like a death march. I am not used to running long distances multiple days in a row (but it is part of the marathon training plan I’m following), and honestly this week hurt- a lot!! It’s tough to run when you feel like you can’t breathe- evil humidity!

I made sure to bring water and Gatorade with me on every run (except for Tuesday) just to be safe. I made it through some tough runs and am definitely stronger because of them!

Monday:              75 min whole body lift

Tuesday:              Run 4 mi (34 min, 8:21 pace)

Wednesday:        Run 7.5 mi (58 min, 7:47 pace); yoga class

Thursday:            30 min spin; 60 min lift

Friday:                  Run 6 mi (51 min, 8:28 pace)

Saturday:             Run 9.4 (78 min, 8:25 pace)

Sunday:                Run 12.2 mi (102 min, 8:25 pace) *Birthday run! J


Total miles:       39.27


Quote of the Week

Me: (in a whiny voice) This run’s going to hurt—a lot.

Hubs: (serious) Do you know what also hurts? …. A marathon!

Snarky, but true! It was definitely the motivation I needed to get my bum in gear and out the door for Sunday’s long run!

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