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How to excute a solid taper (Week in Review 10.21 to 10.27)

Published on October 29, 2013, by in Taper.

Impatiently waiting for cookies to bake…
also known as taper madness


My body feels like it’s turning to mush. I am having trouble concentrating on anything. All I want to do is bake and eat. Yes, race day is definitely less than a week away!

In the final weeks and workouts before the marathon I am determined to execute a solid taper. This means I need
to take the following steps: continue to follow the workouts on the training plan, resist the urge to workout more, continue to eat healthy/lean, rest as much as possible and try to stay calm!


The view from the track. Pure perfection.


This week I am determined to follow through with a solid taper. This means I need to:

1. Hydrate all week long!

2. Carbo-load for the last 72 hours before race day (think quinoa, brown rice, sweet potatos- not necessary pasta!)

3. Sleep!  Get 8-9 hours of sleep a night!

4. Relax during the day– this means rest during Lilly’s naptime and no cleaning at all (errr, at least I’m going to try to convince O that this is standard practice during taper)

5. Review marathon plan to minimize any surprises on race day. This include solidifying transportation to the starting line, the race day outfit, race plan (nutrition, hydration and pacing) and post-race celebratory plans with family.



Post run on Tempo Tuesday.

Even though I still logged 45 miles last week, three of the runs (M, W, F) were completed at a slower, more relaxed pace. I rarely run hard two days in a row and this week’s workouts are a perfect example. Taper is a time in which you decrease your mileage, but not necessarily your effort/pace- hence throwing in a few tougher workouts on Tempo Tuesday and Track Thursday.

Here’s the shakedown on last week’s workouts:


30 min  (3.65 mi, 8:12 pace)

45 min lift


Tempo Tuesday

62 min tempo  (8.15 mi, 7:40 pace)



29 min easy  (3.57 mi, 8:14 pace)

30 min core workout


Track Thursday

(Sample track work outs and how to improve your speed)

3 mile repeats. Ouch! (see above)  9 miles total.



27 min easy (3.28 mi, 8:15 pace)



63 min (8 mi, 7:54 pace)



80 min (10 mi, 8:00 pace)


Total: 45 miles



Quote of the Week

Words of wisdom from a friend/mulimarathoner:

First of all, be patient! You’ll be feeling great for the first 15, 18, 20 miles… then you’ll realize that you still have a 10K left. Physically you’ll be spent, so find something bigger than you, the race and the finish line to hone in on and that- not your body- will carry you for the final 10K.

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  1. Leslie Dickinson

    Hey Kassandra!! It’s your new friend from the NYC marathon! I hope you had an awesome first marathon! How’d it go? Wasn’t it wild?!? I had a blast, felt amazing all through it, but didn’t run as fast as I’d hoped. I also missed Wave 1 start (long story) which is probably partly the reason for losing pace. I think I should start following YOUR training plans for Boston 2014! 🙂 Let me know how you did, and I’m excited to follow your blog now. Let me know also if you’re planning to run any races this winter and we can meet up!! xo- Leslie

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