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Week in Review 10.14 to 10.20: Let taper madness begin!

Published on October 22, 2013, by in Taper.

Collecting fallen leaves.


Taper refers to the process in which runners decrease their mileage, but not necessarily the intensity of runs, before an upcoming race. The process is believe to provide your body with the necessary rest and recovery to ensure peak performance for the upcoming race. Aside from your planned runs it is encouraged that athletes in taper rest, take naps when possible and get quality sleep. (Rest? Ha! This must have been created by a man… who doesn’t have kids who swarming like bees around a honey jar when you walk in the room. Just saying.)

This past week I entered my first (of three) week of taper; I decreased my mileage from 65 miles to about 35 miles.  Whoa! I have definitely had the overwhelming desire to go on a second run later in the day after Tuesday and Friday’s shorter workouts- of course I didn’t go… primarily because the husband forbade it :). Haha. I noticed the lower mileage during my workouts because I felt like I still had extra energy at the end of each run. Otherwise, my body has been feeling good! My gut feeling is that taper madness hasn’t fully set in yet, but I’ll take what I can get! Many people often report feeling sluggish and bloated due to the decreased mileage and continued eating- oh joy.

I made use of the extra time this week by spending more time with Lilly outside enjoying fall. We collected leaves in the yard, played with Sydney outside and simply enjoyed the fall weather as much as possible! Between all my running and working at Greater Boston Running Company time with Lilly has felt more limited than usual. It was nice to finally have some extra time to spend with my little lady!



45 min lift: core and upper body. Lots of stretching today!

*I’ve been seriously slacking on lifting and core work lately, so this week I made sure to hit the gym at least twice for strength training! Strength training affects my body in a completely different manner from running; it makes my body feel strong, lean and overall healthier! I am actually looking forward to amping up my lifting routines in November/December (post-marathon), so I will be sure to post on this in the future!


5.3 mi  (42 min- 7:54 pace)

7.6 mi  (57 min- 7:34 pace)


Sometimes I wish I was a dog. #pureblissfromaball




4.5 mi (35 min- 7:48 pace)

60 min lift


12.6 (1 hr 41 min- 8:03 pace)


Happy Saturday.



4.5 mi (36 min, 7:49 pace)

* It was a beautiful day out and I just wanted to run! I decided to keep my watch covered and just go. It is easy to become obsessed with tracking your pace and heart rate on each run, so every now and then I like to run with my watch completely covered. Today, I ran at a pace that felt natural, felt good. I spent the run enjoying the warm sun on my face, the music in my ears and the quiet Sunday morning streets. It was the perfect start to a hectic Sunday! 🙂

Total miles: 34.5 miles

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