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Vacation must-haves for runners.



Getting your morning run in while on vacation is no easy feat! Dedication, motivation, a solid support system and a few extra awesome products are essential tools in helping a runner follow through with their marathon training runs while on vacation. As my beach vacation at Long Beach Island, NJ comes to a close I wanted to share with you the top 5 items that helped me successfully execute all of my half-marathon training runs!!


1. A good pair of running sunglasses to block the sun and protect your eyes... also known as my terminators.

I absolutely love my Tifosi sunglasses. They are durable, shatter proof, breathable, protect my extra-sensitive eyes from the nasty sun, don’t bounce around on my head… honestly I could go on and on! I decided to buy (IMO) the most obnoxious running sunglasses so that I wouldn’t be tempted to wear them casually around, but then I lost my other everyday sunglasses- oh well, guess I’ll be wearing these bad boys around town from here on out. Oh well, sometimes you just have to roll with it. Prepare to be terminated!



2. My Oofos recovery sandals.

We walked absolutely everywhere at the beach, so it helped to have my Oofos recovery sandals with me on this trip to give my arches support (and prevent my feet from getting tired/overworked)! (Pictured below and in #3). Sandals are notoriously bad for our feet as they don’t have any built in arch support -but not Ooofos! Oofos are a specially designed recovery sandal engineered with a foam that molds to your unique arches, reduces stress on sore feet, are great for runners with plantar fascia pain and are just plain comfortable!!  Thanks to my Oofos I was able to walk for miles up and down Long Beach Blvd with my family while keeping my feet happy and comfortable for the next day’s run. 🙂 I love them so much I have two pairs!!


From left to right: My sister, dad and I on our way to walk the beach. Love my pink oofos!


3. A support system.

One of the best parts about this vacation was that I was in good company! I was born into an awesome family of runners who believe that vacation means waking up early, going for sunrise run, putting on SPF100 and then heading to the beach to reapply the sunscreen :). In all seriousness, getting in my training runs this past week was that much easier because I was in good company. I didn’t have to feel guilty or like a bother that I needed to run in the morning. Instead, we all took turns taking care of the kids as others rebooted on their morning jaunt.


I rotate between Saucony Guides and Brooks Ravennas. My mom wears Brooks Glycerins. My sister wears Asics Gel Nimbus. My brother wears the New Balance 990. My brother in law wears New Balance minimus. And my dad wears Saucony Hurricanes. We are a family of runners!


4. Hydration equipment. … but seriously… that’s water in there 🙂

It’s very easy to go overboard on the food, drinks and sweets while on vacation. Then again you are on vacation, right? I made the decision to try to eat well about 75% of the time, refrain from drinking any liquor and indulge in the sweets.I have such an intense sweet tooth!! If I indulged in everything I wanted to eat/drink I could have easily gained 10 lbs, so by limiting my indulgences to sweets I (hopefully) somewhat minimized the blow! haha.

Sitting in the sun all day long can easily leave you dehydrated. Religiously bringing water bottles to the beach and staying hydrated with refreshing water during meals helped maintain the quality of my training runs throughout the week.


I opted for water at every single meal… well, except for coffee. 🙂



5.  A relaxed state of mind!

It’s easy to get a little obsessed with your training plan. I found it helpful to let loose, have fun and just lose myself in the run… while following the training plan as close as possible. Some days I listened to music, other days I ran with my sister, but every day I had fun on the run. My vacation runs weren’t homework to be done but a way to reset my clock each morning, relax and prepare for the day ahead. Pure perfection.



Seven weeks till Baystate Half… but who is counting … 🙂

Never Stop Running,

The Lone Runner

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  1. Training on vacation can be tough but you are lucky to have family members willing to join in. I took my OOhlala Oofos on our river cruise and wore those any time I was not in my running shoes on the treadmill. They are not only comfortable but the shiny patent leather makes them acceptable for city walking too! By the way, I am also addicted to Oofos and have 5 pair! Yea, a bit overkill, but I won;t wear regular flip flops much anymore.

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