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Twas the night before Boston.


It’s the night before Boston. I have so many things that I want to (and eventually will) write, but it’s the night before Boston and I have to get my butt to bed soon!! Somehow tomorrow I am running my fifth marathon?!?! How did that happen?! Why does it still feel like my first?

Goals? Well I’m pretty sure I’m fit enough to run a 7:45 pace give/take IF the legs show up- BUT it’s going to be 70 degrees tomorrow. While 70 degrees isn’t horrible, I’ve been training in 40-45 degree temperatures. So, I’m going to adjust my plan and run smart! My #1 goal is to run sub 3:35. My #2 goal is to run sub 3:29:30 (last year time, 7:55 pace). My #3 goal is to nail 7:45 average- whatever time that is. But no matter what- I’M GOING TO HAVE A KICKASS TIME AND SMILE FOR ALL THE MILES!!



*If you’re running on the course I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing my hot pink compression socks and Lone Runner shirt (pictured above) and running on the south side (right side) of the road).

*If you’re watching from home I’m bib #15405. 

I’m nervous as hell, but there’s no turning back now!! Time to run myself a marathon!!


Never Stop Running,



Hello Tuesday morning, you sexy thang.

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