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There’s no magic in marathon: The five pillars of race day success.


On the 26th day she rested.

This morning I woke up and thought to myself, “THANK GOD IT IS A REST DAY! My legs just feel FRIED!” After three weeks of increasing my volume with added intensity (50, 55 and 60 miles/wk in past 3 weeks) this upcoming week is a recovery week. Phew! Today is my first day off running in 25 days. Whoa. While all of those days haven’t been high volume and/or intensity I have ran consistently for 25 days. Why?  Durability! Racing a marathon requires you to run on tired legs, to get comfortable with discomfort and to accept that some amount of discomfort and fatigue is simply part of the process. I can promise you one thing when it comes to marathon training- you won’t always feel like running, but if you want to do well con race day then you get your bum on the road. I’m not talking about if you’re sick or nursing an injury that requires you to take a few days off, I’m talking about when you’re tired and you “don’t feel like it.” I have those days. I promise you, I do. And on those days I remind myself that I get the other 23 hours of the day to not run, that I need to run to perform better at the marathon and most importantly that I always feel better post run.  In short: I get my a** on the road no questions asked.

Do you want to do well at your marathon- or whatever race you’re running? Do you want to be better than yesterday and set a PR? Well then you have to put in the work: logging the miles, taking recovery seriously and watching your daily nutrition among other factors. The reality is that there is no magic in marathon. There is, however, hard work, passion, grit, spit and a whole lot of elbow grease 🙂

I run because I love the feeling of flying and gliding across the Earth.

I race because I love seeing how hard I can push my body in a single event.

I marathon because there’s no magic. Passion, hard work, dedication and sheer tenacity will set the runners apart come marathon day.


Check out this article I wrote for The Run Formula called,

There’s no magic in marathon: The five pillars of race day success.”

Never Stop Running,

Kass/The Lone Runner

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