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The Lone Runner blog turns one: Looking back and planning ahead!


Last week The Lone Runner blog turned one year old!!

I originally started this blog when I realized how I felt empowered by running when the rest of my life as a stay-at-home-mom felt overwhelming and confusing. During Lillian’s first year I desperately wanted to be a “good mom”, yet I struggled to feel balanced and satisfied at home. At the time I was lost and simply searching for an outlet where I could have an ounce of me time to figure things out.

On a whim I entered my first 5k, ran like the wind and gleefully thought, “When can I do that again!?” Adrenaline was pumping through my veins as I crossed the finish line. I even nabbed third place in my age group! Apparently I am a runner and incredibly competitive! When did that happen?? At 28 years old I uncovered a side of my self that I never knew existed: a competitive runner who wasn’t afraid of a challenge.

I quickly fell into a love affair with running and wanted to shout it from the rooftops. At the time of my burgeoning relationship I felt daunted with the idea of “trying to do it all” as a mom. I often wondered, “How do other mom’s work and train for marathons (or simply work out!) on top of all of the responsibilities of motherhood- the cooking, cleaning, arts and crafts/mommy & me classes, etc)?”

It’s true- I find the endless to-do list incredibly overwhelming. I often get stressed out, feel anxious and simply want to run and hide from all of the mommy mistakes I make throughout the day. Running/training helps me manage this stress, feel in-control, and driven towards a tangible goal. What is most important is that running makes me feel balanced!

I wanted to share in that experience with other moms and parents and so a blog was born.

Over the next year I hope to inspire and motivate readers to prioritize your own heath and happiness so that you don’t have to feel as lost as I once did. While I may not be the “best” mom, I am doing my best as a mom and I’d like to share that too! I’ll continue to share my blunders, challenges and successes as a mom. My blog posts will give  you an idea of activities I do with Lillian (especially across the south shore, Boston) and how I manage the day to day tasks of being a running, working mom with a serious sweet tooth for cookies! Honestly, some days I think I know what I am doing and other days- well- I have no clue! But I’m trying! I refuse to give up on my dream of running marathons, improving my pace and being the best mom I can be! So settle in, I’ve got a lot of running to do! 🙂


A quick look back

Over the past year I have….

Ran in some beautiful places, namely the French Alps. When can I go back??


Ran three half marathons and one marathon….

New York City Marathon Race Recap 3:25:52

Superhero Half Marathon my first half! 1:34:45

2013-05-19 Superhero Half 2013

Clockwise from top left: Superhero Half Marathon, Morristown, NJ; Providence Rock & Roll 13.1 Providence, RI; NYC Marathon!!!; Hyannis Half-Marathon Hyannis, MA (not pictured: Boston’s Run To Remember 13.1)


Watched Lillian grow from this….



to this…


ice cream1

My loves.


Started working full-time at Greater Boston Running Company where I more or less spend most of my time trying on shoes and clothes. Yup, not too shabby. Here’s a post on why it’s awesome to work at a running store!

photo (2)


All in all it’s been a pretty awesome year of blogging!!! I want to give all my readers a huge THANK YOU for your ongoing support! I especially LOVE hearing about your races and how you tackle the tasks of being a running parent. I love the running community and will continue to be a part of it over the next year as I train for TWO more marathons!!


Upcoming Races

I have an exciting, albeit very challenging year of running and training ahead of me!! I hope you’ll enjoy me this summer as I prepare for my second marathon, the Chicago Marathon!!

September- Plymouth’s Run to the Rock 13.1

October- Chicago Marathon

February- Hyannis Half-Marathon

April- Boston Marathon!!


Thanks for an awesome year!

Never Stop Running,

The Lone Runner


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  1. Kathleen

    Congratulations!! You are amazing. How how how are you so fast??!

    • Mark Varner

      You have had an amazing year with your running achievements congratulations! Looking forward to year two as you balance being a Mom, wife & ultra speedy runner!

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