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Sunday Long-Runday Eats

I know I’m always a bit curious about what other runners eat, so I thought that every now and then I’ll share with you what I eat throughout the day. While I have a lot to learn when it comes to racing nutrition, I generally make an effort to eat healthy (fruits and veggies- you know the drill).

Some days I feel like I eat way too much, while other days I’m not sure if I ate enough. Lilly keeps me moving so often that most days it’s hard to remember exactly what or when I’ve eaten!


Pre-run Eats

Sunday I woke up at 5:30 am to my special Lilly alarm clock. I planned on going for a long run around 6:30 am, so I ate two fig bars and about a half cup of apple sauce. This tends to give me quick energy without feeling heavy in my stomach when I’m out on the road.


Apple sauce provides a quick hit of carbohydrates, is easily digested and often has little to no related GI issues.
Perfect for a pre-run snack!



I headed out on my first ever 17 miler. Even though it was raining the vast majority of the time, the legs felt great and I trudged on. and on. and on.



When I got back the first thing I did was chug three glasses of water.  Since my hamstrings were cramping up earlier in the week I have really been making an effort to stay hydrated before/during/after my runs.


Staying hydrated fends off muscle cramping! Drink up!


Post-Run Eats

I have been experimenting with my post long-run snacks. I grabbed a low-fat chocolate milk, banana and made some toast with almond butter (top right). Then Lilly slurped on half of my chocolate milk and one piece of toast and left me with a bare bones snack (bottom right). I may or may not have been crying inside while repeating to myself, “What’s mine is yours…. but I’m SO hungry!!”

september 2013

Would you like holes in your toast?
Welcome to motherhood.

Lilly, Syd and I played in her room for a little while… Also known as I sat there mostly crippled and let my compression socks work their magic while Lilly “baked” soup for us in her kitchen.


Pink CEP compression socks = one step closer to becoming Shanae Flannigan! (insert evil laugh here)


Lilly went down for her nap around noon. I was still hungry so I grabbed a Fage yogurt with honey and perused some new reading material.




I stopped off at Whole Foods for a late lunch before my 2-5 shift at the running store. I grabbed tuna salad with cranberries and apple slices AND a three bean salad. These were surprisingly filling and I couldn’t finish the bean salad (that’s definitely a first!)




Colorful, delicious and full of protein!


While at work I noshed on a TON of trail mix that included: almonds, cashews, peanuts, dried cherries and cranberries. The picture below is what was left (I started of with a huge bag and was too hungry/impatient to snap a pic).




When I got home O had prepared a delicious meal for us: Chilean seabass,  asparagus, a baked potatoes/onions/tomatoes side.

Since it was my first time eating sea bass O decided to make coconut shrimp with a homemade blackberry/pineapple compote (delicious) as a “just in case”. Even though the seabass was cooked perfectly, it just wasn’t my type of fish; I ended up scarfing the shrimp and leaving the rest of the seabass for O.



Late night nibbles

After dinner I was still a little hungry, so I put together a bowl of cherries and a piece of dark chocolate. I have a serious sweet tooth and dark chocolate (every single day) is an absolute must!



*I must admit that I usually do a better job eating more vegetables!! Ooops!


Question: What is your favorite post-run meal/snack?





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