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Spring 2016 Race Schedule.

Every year I typically plan for two large races: a spring half/full marathon and a fall half or full marathon. Once I have decided on my goal race I typically work backwards in my calendar and plan lead up races to the main event. The shorter lead up races not only help me gain fitness towards my main goal, are a great way to determine my current level of fitness and most importantly they give me the opportunity to practice racing before the big race. Oh yea, and they’re a ton of fun too!!!


The Quincy YMCA Frozen 5k 2016 with a few of the best athletes around.


This January I raced the Quincy YMCA Frozen 5k with many of my local athletes. I originally planned on racing the Paddy Kelly 5 miler on February 14th but was sick with a cold earlier that week AND it was -30+ wind chill so I flat out refused to race. Even though I felt good enough to run indoors on the treadmill, I made the tough judgment call that racing in subzero temperatures wouldn’t be a good idea for my lungs, or face or fingers… Sadly, I was forced to bag my race  :(.
Welcome to the Black Cat Road Race - Google Chrome 2232016 101420 AM

Up next I am planning on racing the Black Cat 10 mile race in Salem, MA on Saturday March 12. Due to childcare I am unable to race New Bedford, the typical local Boston lead-up race. No matter! I have the previous weekend free and will happily make the trek up to Salem on March 12th for this race.

Race expectations? Hopes? Goals? Well, I have never raced a 10 miler, so we’ll just have to see what happens! While most of race day performance relates to your current level of fitness, performance can also be contributed to other unknown race day variables (weather, course, race organization, your own hydration and fueling). If I had to nail down a number I’d stay somewhere around 7:10-7:15 splits… maybe… I think… I don’t know.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


Boston Athletic Association - Google Chrome 2232016 101828 AM-001

Just five short weeks after the Black Cat 10 miler will be the main event: THE BOSTON MARATHON!!! My fourth marathon and second time racing Boston I simply can’t wait to get to Hopkinton!! Months ago I told myself that if I decided to run Boston my primary goal would be to cross the finish line strong and with a smile. I’ll get into my race plan and goals another time, but regardless of all the numbers I truly just want to finish with a smile plastered all over my exhausted, salty red face :).

8 weeks and counting! BRING IT ON BOSTON!!



Winter training is slowly coming to a close…

Keep logging the miles and never, ever stop running ;).




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