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Savory Sweet Potato Belgian Waffle and Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe



I am thankful to have married a man who loves to cook. I am even more thankful that I married a man who knows how to cook ;). Owen not only enjoys cooking, but he enjoys creating new recipes, tweaking and testing them out on me along the way. In the past year alone he has cooked us a braised lamb with a blue cheese and cherry reduction served over egg noodles, a Christmas goose, Moroccan food in his own tagine, Japanese curry, fondu chinoise and even thai inspired chicken satay and peanut sauce. The man loves to cook and I love to eat! It’s a beautiful thing, really.

Lately I’ve been challenging him to develop some healthier recipes that we can put into rotation throughout the week– and also something that I’m capable of cooking (my skillset is nowhere near his in the kitchen).

Last summer I came home from work to find Owen burning “sweet potato burgers” on the grill. He smiled at me and said, “”They’re like latkes, but healthier. Promise.” The burgers were burnt and most of them fell into the actual grill. I didn’t mind. I ate them- burnt pieces and all. Delicious. But O wasn’t satisfied.

Over the months he made various attempts to cook us healthy sweet potato pancakes to no avail. They were either too burnt or too moist (mind you, I still ate them and found them delicious). Then one day I was in the kitchen and I heard him shriek like a little girl, “THAT’S IT: A WAFFLE MAKER!!” An estatic Owen ran to the kitchen and started prepping our dinner for that night: a savory sweet potato Belgian waffle! And you guessed right, I ate that one too (actually ate 2 that night)!

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do!


Ingredients (yields 4 waffles) 

2 lbs. Sweet Potatoes

2 eggs

6 egg whites

1/3 cup chopped parsley

1 Large chopped yellow onion

2 tablespoons olive oil





Preheat the waffle maker.


I absolutely love my Salad Shooter. I use it to grate anything that needs grating: cheese, carrots and now sweet potatoes.


Microwave the sweet potatoes together for about 4-5 mins. You want them to just start cooking. Shred the sweet potatoes. Owen used a Salad Shooter found Here, but a mandolin works as well. In a bowl, add the eggs, egg whites, shredded sweet potatoes, onion, parsley and olive oil. Mix until completely coated. Add salt and pepper for flavor.


Pour batter in, then it’s time to get cooking!

Spray waffle maker with regular pam or other nonstick. Pour batter in just as you normally would a regular waffle. Cook until waffle maker says it is ready; approximately 15-2o minutes per waffle depending on size/power of waffle maker. If you think it might need more time, keep cooking until it looks done.

Re-apply nonstick in between each waffle. (Owen has tried reducing the number of eggs in the recipe, but the sweet potato will start to stick to the waffle maker.)

We serve this with Roasted Sauteed Brussels Sprouts (recipe below!)

*Waffles can be made in advance, frozen and then reheated for on-the-go lunches etc.


Savory sweet potato Belgium waffle.


Roasted Sautéed Brussels Sprouts


3 cups halved brussels sprouts

1 16 oz. can diced tomatoes

1 large yellow onion – chopped

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon crushed garlic

Ground pepper

1 oz. ground parmesan cheese


Roast fresh brussels sprouts in oven for 15 minutes at 425 degrees, or frozen for 25 minutes. You want the brussels sprouts to become slightly dehydrated.

In a sauté pan cook the olive oil, crushed garlic and onions on med-high heat. Sauté until onions begin to soften and caramelize. Add the roasted brussels sprouts and one can of diced tomatoes. Saute until the juice from the tomatoes condenses more towards a sauce. Add the Parmesan cheese and ground pepper to taste. Mix until cheese is melted.

Serve with sweet potato waffle. Enjoy!



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