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Running shoes demystified: Seeing beyond the brand.


Brand loyalty is a very real and powerful force in the sales industry.

How do I know this? Personal experience. I wore Asics for 10 years solely because my dad wore Asics running. And if dad wear Asics then they must be the best brand and the best shoe for me, right? Year after year I purchased my shoes online without ever entering a running specialty shop. The prices were cheaper and I was happy with my Gel-Nimbus’ even if they did make my toes blister a little and my arches hurt. Regardless, my dad was my hero (still is) and if he wore Asics then so would I… even if my feet did hurt. It wasn’t until I finally went to a local running specialty store to get fitted that I learned that there are different types of shoes (and i’m not referring to brands). There I finally tried out different brands like Brooks and Saucony and quickly realized that more than one brand floated my boat.

Since I have started working at the running store I have gained a vast knowledge about how to properly fit an individual for running shoes as well as the different types of running shoes and how they are designed. My experiences at the running store and knowledge gained through educational tech sessions with each of the brand representatives (Nike, New Balance, Saucony, Brooks, Hoka, etc) have shattered any need for brand loyalty that I may have once maintained. Instead of being brand loyal, I now realize that it is more than likely that I can find a running shoe within EACH of the brands that we carry.

How is that possible?  Well, first you need to begin to see beyond the brand. A running shoe is so much more than the emblem emblazoned on its side.
Read the most recent article I wrote for The Run Formula to learn about the different types of running shoes (minimal, neutral, stability and motion control).  Click the link below for the article:

Running shoes demystified: Seeing beyond the brand.

More updates coming soon!


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