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Running Shoes 101: The benefits of training in two different shoes.



I have been working at a local running store for over two and a half years. If you can imagine when it comes to shoes and feet I have seen it all. A women’s size 14.5 wide (ordered a men’s 13!!) and still growing! A men’s size 15 4E, whoa dolly! A 35 year old woman with a size 4 shoe who is sick of wearing boots with Hello Kitty on them. Can you honestly blame her? A pair of shoes that had been so loved that I could see three of the runner’s toes through the upper! Yep, in my time here at the running store I have seen quite a bit.

Far too often do customers come in wearing a pair of tattered, smelly running shoes that they have loved to death. The customer typically  hasn’t replaced the shoe in well over a year (the longest I have encountered is 8 years- YES- THE MAN WENT 8 YEARS BEFORE REPLACING HIS SHOES!!); without fail s/he requests another pair of the same shoe. At first I simply went to the back grabbed the desired shoe and brought it out to the happy customer.

More recently I have become more comfortable bringing out a variety of shoes and encouraging the customer to not only try but possibly purchase 2 different pairs to train in. I know what you’re thinking and NO- I don’t work on commission. In fact I always think of myself as the “anti-salesperson” mostly because I think of myself as more of a runner than a salesperson. But the reality is this: if I believe that you can truly benefit from a product or testing out a new training strategy then I will encourage you to at the very least hear me out :). Why? Because I’m a happy runner and I want to make other runners happy too.

I have been training in two different shoes for over two years now and I absolutely love it! I wrote an article for Your26.2 entitled:

Saying ‘so long’ to your sole-mate: The benefits of training in two different shoes.



photo 4 (4)

Breathing in the delicious smell of new shoes!!! 🙂

*NOTE: The shoes I run in have gradually changed with each 5-6 month training cycle: I started by pairing the Brooks Adrenaline and Ravenna (for 2013 NYC  and 2014 Chicago), then the Brooks Ravenna and Saucony Guide (Boston/Baystate 2015) and now I have been toying with the idea of integrating a neutral shoe (gasp!), the Saucony ride into the mix and possibly dropping the Guide for 2016.

Never Stop Running,



Old pic from 2013 in my first trainers- the Brooks Adrenaline 🙂

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  1. Paige S

    Hey Kass! I rock the Saucony Mirages for my tempo/speed/race days and supplement with the Saucony Hurricanes (though just purchased Guides to replace Hurricanes) for long runs/recovery days. I am very pro-two pairs for all reasons you mention in the article. (I even had three different pairs during marathon training last spring..) I wish more runners knew about the benefits – thanks for posting, I will be sharing with friends. 🙂

  2. Mark Varner

    I definitely agree on the two shoe (or three) rotation. I don’t usually buy full price because the store always has plenty of sale items. I also have been staggering my purchases so I don’t have to buy two at once since they age differently. Have been wearing the Saucony zealot & Triumph but recently got the Wave Creation 16 (on sale) to change up my running even more.

    How have the NEUTRAL winter Saucony guides been working out??

    • thelonerunner

      Oooooh I iddn’t know you have the Zealot too!! Do you race in the Zealot?

      • Mark Varner

        I really like the Zealot it’s so lightweight!! I ran three half’s last year in them (I also got two Zealots for the price of one this December). Ran the other half in Triumph. Ran a couple of 10Ks in the Zealots also & they worked out real well. I seem to prefer the zealots for halfs over the Triumph. They seem to have a tad more support over the long haul.

        Love the triumphs for training runs!

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