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How running 75 miles a week left me out of shape.


First day of new job vibes 🙂

Happy Friday Runners!!

Life has been all sorts of upside down and backwards lately and I haven’t been able to blog much over the past ten months. After Boston 2016 I pulled back from religiously training/following a plan to just run and as a result I didn’t have much to write about. Well, I am one week in to my new job and I’m already feeling better about the direction my life is heading. Life is beginning to settle down and head in a new direction; I’m relieved, excited and ready to truly train (and blog) again. Wahoooo!

This week I started working at a local counseling agency called The Door is Open Counseling Center. I will be seeing clients four days a week and leaving my Fridays free to do other things I love: write and coach! I coach for The Run Formula and provide custom marathon training plans and coaching services to about 15 chickadees all over the country. For the past year I have been crafting training plans for my athletes during my “free time” of which there has been very little. Now I am finally able to devote one day to getting all of these plans crafted, respond to athlete questions and blogs about it!


A couple times a month I write for The Run Formula’s coaching blog. This week I tackled a big topic: the difference between running and training in my article entitled: How running 75 miles a week left me out of shape.  The reality is that I ran A LOT this summer, but did very few organized tempo runs or track workouts and while I can most definitely run a marathon this Fall, it wouldn’t be a pretty one. Do you know what that means??? I’M ALL IN FOR BOSTON!
Check out the full article: HERE.


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**This Fall I plan on blogging more consistently and hope to post weekly on Fridays (at the very least). I have just registered to run my third Boston Marathon in April so you can all follow along with my training from start to finish. **


Things are looking up runners!! Life is getting good again- so let’s smash our bodies to smithereens this winter, train hard and have fun!!

Can’t stop.

Won’t stop.

Never stop running.


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My Garmin 235 goes where I go. Period.


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