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Product Review: Yurbuds Leap Wireless Headphones

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Most often when I head out on the road I listen to music on my Ipod nano (to preserve the battery on my phone). I have always used the basic white earbuds that come with the iPhone and a lightweight, flexible armband for my iPod nano (pictured below, purchased at BestBuy). While I never had a problem with my earbuds falling out of my ears (a common complaint), the metal plug to connect the headphones to the iPod quickly rusts due to excessive moisture and sweat. It’s true- lady runners sweat too, but our sweat smells like roses- I swear. After 2-3 months of use my headphones barely transmitted the music and most of the time there was an odd echo to singer’s voice-issues I gradually learned to live with.  However when the velcro on my armband died from overuse and I started to run with my arm at a constant 90 degree angle while flexing my left bicep (I swear this helped) to keep the armband from slipping down my arm I knew it was time to go wireless.

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A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and purchased a pair of Yurbuds Leap wireless headphones to pair with my Ipod nano. They retail for $99.99.  The box comes with a small storage case, the Yurbud headphones (attached by a thin wire), and two smaller earpieces (for a customized fit to your ear canal).

The headphones are bluetooth compatible and will sync with an iPod nano or iPhone (or any product with Bluetooth capabilities). They are advertised as transmitting 6+ hours of music and/or call time as they can be also synced with your phone to be used for hands-free driving. The earpiece on the right side has a small control center (pictured below); this control center is used to power on/off the headphones,  adjust volume, and pause music.

I have been using the Yurbuds Leap wireless headphones for two weeks. Here are my thoughts:

  • Pros
    • The headphones are water resistant and sweat proof! They are made to run with!
    • The product comes with earbuds for 2 different size ear canals allowing for a customized fit and they don’t fall out! (what a relief!)
    • Ease of use: Very easy to use! It took me about 2-3 uses to get used to powering on/off the headphones (holding down exactly in the center of the gray control panel) but now it’s super easy!
    • Price- $99.99- compared to other wireless headsets out there ranging up to $200, these are definitely price conscious and a solid product!
  • Cons 
    • Sound quality: 7.5/10 ~ Very good, not great. Every now and then the music slightly drops out making for a less than 100% sound quality.
    •  Durability– I still am a little apprehensive about the small wire that holds the product together and often wish that it was a bar that molded to my head. Jury is out on this one.
    • Using Bluetooth on my iPod nano chews through its battery life! I rarely charge my nano (maybe 1x a week) and now find myself charging it every other day to ensure enough battery for the following run. (Purely an issue with going wireless, not specific to these headphones)


Worth it?

First of all, going wireless is definitely worth it! No more wire, no more armband, no more weird arm tan- I know, I know, I don’t tan– no more awkward arm burn lines. The ease of use of going wireless is fantastic!! I definitely recommend making the investment.

As for the Yurbuds Leap Wireless- YES, In my opinion these headphones are definitely worth the $99 price tag. They are easy to use, effective, have very good sound quality and have not failed me yet! I know there are more expensive options out there with (probably) even better sound quality, but these will do the trick for now!


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10 Responses

  1. Josh K

    Nice, I realized I could sort of use a pair of wireless headphones and a new armband (they wear out so quickly!).

    I started getting into podcasts for long-ish runs. Binged on Serial last week and not coincidentally eked out an 86 mile week 🙂

  2. Carlos

    Hey I can’t pair my headphones to my phone and I have a iPhone 6 and I’ve pair to my iPad but I can not pair to my phone.

  3. Beth

    Just wanted to thank you for this post. I was in love with my new wireless ear buds, but could not get them to turn on after the first time. I was about to send them back to Yurbuds, when I read your instructions above. Sure enough, pressing exactly at the middle worked (I was mashing the buttons all over the place). Hope that you are still satisfied with them and thanks again!

  4. June

    I had problems turning on and off until reading you post. After the buds are turned are you supposed to leaving it flashing blue? Or are you supposed to disconnect the device grime iPhone Bluetooth and let it glad green. Seems there should be a way to get the turbid a to not glad at all when off. Thanks

    • June

      I hate auto correct. Grime is supposed to read from and glad should read flash.

    • thelonerunner

      The product should not flash at all when it is off- all lights should be off. You need to hold down the center “button” until everything turns off. You definitely want to turn bluetooth off in your phone to disconnect the signal, but you will still need to turn the headphones completely off to save the battery in the Leap headphones. Play around with it a little bit more!

      • Ralph

        I have a hard time turning this product off. I let it stand and check it in 5 minutes and when I come back and it is off. No blinking green light. So give it a chance to turn off by it self. A lot less stress.

  5. June

    Do you disconnect the blue tooth on the phone before or after turning off the yurbuds or does it matter?

  6. William Boyce

    They are frustrating to turn on and off! They do not stay put in the ears. I would not recommend this product! You might have better luck but any activity, they fall out no matter how much I try to adjust the fit. I really gave it a solid six months of use to see if I could figure out a solution, I wanted to like them.

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