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How am I preparing for Boston? Let’s talk carbo-loading, relaxing and training runs.


Run. Relax. Repeat. In Duxbury beach this weekend.

This is it! The final push! I am 7 days out from RUNNING THE BOSTON MARATHON!!!! The big training weeks are long gone, my mileage is dwindling and my doc says I have taper psychosis on the brain. How am I preparing for race day?  Aside from removing the nailpolish off of my fingers nail by nail in anticipation of race day I spent the weekend focusing on nailing down my pre-race fueling plan, getting HEALTHY again (yes, I was sick :(), nailing all of my final workouts (and no, 2 and 3 don’t go well together), and lastly- having some fun!!



Unfortunately my little Lillian got sick last week with a fever/cough so naturally I was infected with the same symptoms for the latter part of last week (let’s all take one huge ginormous sigh).  Behold the beauty of being a marathon mama. Lillian woke up last Monday morning with a fever of 102.6 and I scrambled to come up with a plan for the day.  What about my client appointments? WHAT ABOUT MY RUN??? Sick kiddos are stressful! Miraculously Lillian’s dad and I were able to come up with an arrangement that worked for both of us and most importantly for Lillian with a side bonus of me getting in my run! Phew!

Everything worked out perfectly until I came down with a similar lower grade fever/cough combo on last Thursday. I was supposed to run an 8 mile tempo run on Thursday- I didn’t (I ran 4 easy on the tread and then put myself out of my own misery). I planned on completing 5 easy miles on Friday- I didn’t and –GASP- I TOOK THE DAY OFF!!! Even though my fever didn’t spike as high as Lillian’s I felt run-down by the end of the week.

Feeling a little bit better on Saturday morning I attempted my final longer run of the training cycle (14 miles with 2 x 3 miles at goal marathon pace). Just one mile in I felt it tin my bones that attempting to run that intense workout was going to be a bad idea. My body was achy. My lungs felt tired (? is that a thing? I’m making it a thing.) My feet were slapping the pavement with no pep in their step whatsoever. Begrudgingly I bailed on the planned workout and just ran easy… or what should have felt easy, but really didn’t (8:30’s give/take). Altering a workout mid-run is not a decision I take lightly, however this run needed to be altered into a “run as you feel” run. Yes, it would have been nice to nail the splits on my final workout and have another boost of confidence, but my body was still recovering from the cold and emotionally I just needed to be outside and run. I have been working hard this training cycle, this I know. The work has been done. The hay is in the barn. So on Saturday I did something I rarely do: I changed the workout on the fly and just let my body run whatever pace it needed to.

I followed Chris around parts of Hingham, Norwell, Scituate and Cohasset feeling like crud …. and then we approached what looked like a river flowing through our path in Wompatuck state park. I stopped, paused my garmin and screamed, “What are we going to do???? We’re 9 miles out but we can’t go this way!!” I proceeded to watch my insane boyfriend slow down to a walk and walk his way through the small river that came up to his knees. Naturally, I followed while screaming out in pain from the FREEZING COLD WATER!! The man may be crazy but I’m crazy about him! Once we made it to the other side of the mini-river we took our squishy water logged shoes for the remaining 5 miles and ended up laughing most of the way back. What a run!


What were my goals again??



1. Stay healthy not really, but I’m DEFINITELY on the mend now 🙂

2. Nail splits not quite, but I still have 2 more mini “workout” sessions this week

3. Nail down pre-race carboloading

4. Have some fun!!



Spending Saturday night with my guy in Bertucci’s in Kenmore Square = one happy marathoner


Since my first two goals didn’t quite pan out… I spent the rest of the weekend focusing on nailing down my pre-race dinner options at having some fun!! I took Chris out to Bertucci’s in Kenmore Square for his birthday dinner!! There we explored the many options that they have available that are ideal for a pre-marathon meal.



From left to right: Chicken, Broccoli and Rigatoni, Shrimp Scampi and Four Cheese Ravioli


We noshed on lunch portions of Rigatoni, Broccoli and Chicken in a white wine garlic sauce, Sauteed Shrimp Scampi in a lemon wine sauce and Four Cheese Ravioli. Chris and I are big on pre-marathon carbo-loading so checking out Bertuccis’ pre-marathon meal options was a must!! Honestly? The Shrimp Scampi blew me away with its flavor and small hint of spice so much so that I wouldn’t share with Chris :). Oh well, he had two other dishes to call his own. I tend to stay away from meals involving a lot of cream and fat the night before the marathon so these options were perfect as they were high in carbs with a side of protein.  The dinner was absolutely delicious from start to finish as we were welcomed by warm rolls with dipping oil, pasta dishes perfect for our future in marathon carbo-loading and excellent service by manager Rob Miller throughout the evening. We also found out that Bertuccis is paying homage to its Boston roots by taking 26.2% off of all dine-in-dinners the night before the marathon- time for #allthecarbs !! Thank you to Bertucci’s for hosting us this evening!



The Bertucci’s in Kenmore Square is located directly on the Boston Marathon route- right about mile 25. Go in on Marathon Monday and tell him hello and that Kass wants more peanut butter pie! Muhahahaha! ALL THE PIE!



Remember that time we went to a concert, stood for 4 hours, DIDN’T DRINK, stayed out until midnight and then woke up the next day in SO MUCH PAIN we felt hungover? Ahh memories.



After dinner Chris and I walked over to the House of Blue to watch Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness in concert. Now I’m not much of a concert person. Correction: I’m not much of a “Leaves the house after 7 pm” person so going to a concert is BIG for me. The crowd. The noise. The not-sitting. Yea. Not me. BUUUUUT What is me is bopping around signing to good music- so thankfully we were able to make this adventure worth while. My ties with Andrew McMahon are super random (in that my grandpa was super close with Andrew’s wife’s grandpa… I told you it was random), so basically Andrew’s wife and I are family friends. Every time his band comes to town I try to get my bum off my couch to come see him play some kick-ass tunes. And guess what? Now his stuff is on the radio!!! You might know these tunes of his: Cecilia and the Satellite and Fire Escape.  Not only was it great to see Kelly, Andrew and Cecilia again this tour but it was AWESOME to get out of the apartment and do something completely different and non-running related!! Believe it or not- everything in my life doesn’t revolve around running… just 99.9%.  I guess I just did my one non-running thing for the year. Guess I’ll just have to start training for Chicago immediately after Boston :).



Andrew crowd surfing in a big rubber duck, naturally.


On Sunday morning (cough cough, 11:30 am) Chris and I decided burn off Saturday’s food fest at Bertucci’s with a run in Duxbury! Neither of us have ever been to Duxbury before so we went to explore the beak, soak up the sun and test out our legs for the big day.  After three groggy miles my legs decided to show up for the first time all week and I FINALLY hit my ideal zone 1/goal marathon pace splits (between 7:45-7:50) with some ease. PHEW!! Sunday’s workout was intended to be a very comfortable 6 miles. Even though I wanted to go longer I held back because…. IT’S TAPER TIME!! I keep reminding myself: You’ve done the work. You’ve put in the miles. NOW just go and HAVE FUN!!



Powder point road/ wooden bridge to Duxbury beach.


We are one week out from BOSTON and I’m getting chills!!



Never stop running,



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