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My new job: Getting paid to talk to runners!

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While I love being home with Lilly, I have been keeping my eye out for a low key, low stress part-time job… and I finally found it!! I was in the local running store (obviously), spending more time than necessary talking about running (naturally) and I noticed the “We’re Hiring” sign. I chatted with the manager, and before I knew it I had a part-time job!

I have only worked a couple of shifts at The Greater Boston Running Company, but so far I’m in love! Even though I am not using the Master’s degree in Clinical Psych that I worked so hard to earn, I am truly excited to learn more about running. People say “do what you love,” right? So this me giving it a shot!

At work I get to learn all about running shoes, running gear and talk to runners all day long! THE BEST!

I am currently being trained in how to properly assess a customer’s running style and fit them with the shoe that best meets their needs (i.e. neutral, stability, motion control).


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Just need to learn 75 different shoes as fast as possible… no pressure.


So, I am in the process of learning all of the shoes in the store (see above)- that comes out to about 150 shoes (75 women/ 75 men)! Whoa!! We carry Brooks, Mizuno, New Balance, Nike, Saucony, Asics and Newton shoes.



Lilly came to visit me at work! 🙂 … and this pic was taken about 3 minutes before naptime…

Please help me learn all of these shoes!!

Tell me- what shoes do you wear?? Do you like them?

Why do you wear them: do you need more stability, neutral, need more cushion, less cushion, you over-pronate or under-pronate or something else?

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  1. jen

    I’m a flat footed overpronator. After years of wearing stiff, boxy stability shoes I went out on a limb and bought the Asics Gell Noosa Tri. I’ll admit I mostly wanted to try them because of their loud and colorful appearance, but these shoes are great! They’re light and airy with a wide toe box, and the tongue is sewn in, so I never have to adjust it on long runs. They’re on the expensive side, but worth it!

  2. Krista

    I ALWAYS wore Nikes and thought they were the only shoe that fit my foot, and I thought I needed the heavy sole for more cushioning. Then I tried a pair of light weight Adidas. I was a little nervous on my first run thinking it wouldn’t be enough cushioning, but I love them and my feet never hurt or get tired. Granted, this is only for running short distances, but I love them! And they are in my college colors!

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