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Merry Christmas!!


Merry Christmas!

This morning has been absolutely magical! First of all- Lilly slept until 6 am (In parenting land  on Christmas that’s a serious win)!! Then Lillian’s eyes lit up when she saw the gifts under the tree and her jaw dropped wide open when she noticed that the cookies and milk lefts out for Santa were missing (Who on Earth could have eaten those cookies? ;)).

I was supposed to do a 9 mile workout with hill repeats this morning, but it’s Christmas and that means family time takes priority. Earlier this week I looked at my run schedule, consulted with the hubs and made the decision to flip/flop Thursday’s and Friday’s workouts (Friday was a planned day off). With just a little planning I’m taking today off completely guilt free. 🙂 I’ll be back at it tomorrow!

This morning we have opened gifts, eaten a delicious breakfast (french toast from a baguette, fruit and bacon-yum!!), spent time with my in-laws and simply relaxed together as a family. I was even able to drink a full cup of hot coffee and stayed in my pj’s until after 11 am. Yessss! At this moment Owen is preparing Fondue Chinoise for Christmas dinner (the Swiss version of cooking meats in a hot broth in the center of the table).


Christmas is all about family time, relaxing and eating cookiesssss- so I’m going to get back to those things! Here are some quick pics (and my favorite gift) from this morning!!


We got a new kitty!! Meet Snowball (Lilly keeps changing her name, but I think Snowball will stick)- the newest member of the Berry clan!

Fullscreen capture 12252014 103023 AM



Thankfully Snowball and Sydney seem to get along so far! Phew!





Today has been filled with family time, including some facetime with Lillian’s cousin in Virginia (she is showing him her new toy, Mater from Cars)



….and special time by the fire with Grandma Berry and Snowball.




We also exchanged gifts! Owen gave me a handmade and painted bib and race medal holder. It has a spot for my NYC Marathon photo (my first marathon). It also has hooks for me to hold all of my past bibs and hooks for my medals. Homemade and running related- did I ever mention that I loooove this man! 🙂



Hope you are having a very Merry Christmas!! Enjoy the day and your family!

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