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Meals and Miles (week of 4.6 to 4.12)


Taper is in full swing! Last week I had reduced mileage that incorporated some speed work into three of my runs. At this point in training I am not trying to gain any fitness or speed; the goal is to maintain the fitness I gained over 5 months of training and stay sharp on the road. Instead of pushing incredibly hard on the road and breaking down my body, the taper is devoted to giving the body proper time to repair from the months of hard training.


Last week I hit marathon pace (or faster) on my tougher workouts, but had significantly more recovery time between intervals. For example, during tough training I did 5×1 mile repeats with only 90 seconds in between sets; whereas now, I did 3×1 repeats with one mile (about 8 minutes) in between. This allows the body to stay sharp and comfortable with hitting the necessary pace without unnecessarily taxing the muscles.


Overall the workouts went well last week! My primary issue was the growing nerves in my belly. I often get so nervous during the few weeks before race day that I feel nauseous on the run. This leads to doubt and anger. Anger leads to hate. And hate leads to the dark side…. or something like that ;). Regardless, I have been trying to shake free of the doubt and stay positive.


This weeks meals made me realize that I need more variety in my dinners! I absolutely love sweet potatoes, red peppers and spinach salads and just realized that I eat them a little too often. What about russet potatoes, beets, broccoli, kale or red/green leaf lettuce?


Just as the body can plateau with redundant workout routines, it can get bored with eating the same meals/nutrients throughout the week. I feel that it’s important to give your body a variety of meals and unique nutrients – I just need to start actually doing it! It can be draining to try to come up with a new nutritious meal for the family after a long day of work and I often just throw something together without meal planning. Practicing meal planning for the week sounds like a perfect post-Boston project.


Last week’s meals and miles: 


Run: 5 @ 7:45 base pace


Dinner:  Spinach salad with deli meat turkey, red peppers, carrots, fresh mozz and light oil/balsamic at work (forgot to snap a pic! So hungry!!)


Run: 2×12 min tempo- 10 miles @ 7:33


Dinner: Crock pot pulled BBQ chicken lettuce wraps with sweet potato and a side spinach salad with blue cheese crumbles and strawberries.


Run: 8.3 mi @ 7:34 base pace


Dinner: Take out from Alfredo’s in Quincy
With the husband away on work all week I caved and ordered take out. After a full day of work all I wanted to do was build forts in the living room with Lilly. Local Italian food was the answer :). Chicken fingers and fries for Lilly and rigatoni bolognese and a side salad for me. Yum!!
Easter april 20151


Run: 3×1 mi over/unders (6:56, 6:43, 7:03) – 8.75 miles @ 7:30 pace average


Dinner: Homemade Moroccan food, string beans and sweet potatoes- because, why not?
I told you my hubs can cook! He prepared a delicious meal with preserved lemons, artichoke and chicken in a Moroccan tagine.


Run:  OFF


Dinner: Spinach salad with strawberries, blue cheese crumbles and grilled chicken with left over sweet potato fries and red pepper strips.


Run: 4 miles @ 8:37 pace with Evan


Dinner: Spinach, avocado and red onion salad and meatball lovers baked pasta Stone Hearth Pizza in Allston then Boston Boxing in Brighton
Easter april 20152
Last fall a close college friend informed me that she had started boxing as a way to stay in shape, mix it up and meet new people:


Jess- I’ve kind of been taking boxing lessons… for the past year and a half…. and I have a fight coming up. Want to come?
Me- Like kick boxing??
Jess- No, like REAL boxing.
Me- Well ok then. And- HELL YES! When is the fight?!?


Saturday night she had another fight night lined up! She crushed it and I’m so proud of her!! FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! I may stick out like a sore thumb in a boxing club (it’s possible a hot pink Lilly Pulitzer scarf is not standard boxing attire), but I’ll go anywhere to see this girl throw a punch :). Love you Jgro (Below she is wearing gray pants)!


Run: 11 miles @ 7:33 pace


Dinner: BBQ baby back ribs, steamed string beans and tons of water post run.
*Sunday was an incredibly beautiful sunny day here in Boston! After Owen and Lilly ran their respective races in the morning I made the 11 mile trek home. After being on my feet all morning and running midday under the hot sun I really didn’t love this run. After I got home we fired up the grill for the first time this spring!!
Easter april 20153
Total: 47 miles


What are your favorite summer meals to cook on the grill?
What is your go-to meal to cook when your husband is MIA for dinner/working late?


Hope everyone had an awesome week full of yummy meals and tough miles!!


Never stop running,
Kass/The Lone Runner

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