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Learning how to keep moving forward: Last week’s meals and miles.




Post long run… awkwarrrrrd pic but hey- I just ran 13+ miles sooo who cares 🙂

A run can serve many different purposes to the everday runner. The simple act of running can serve as the opportunity to relax where you allow your feet to make their own musical pitter patter along the pavement. Running is a wonderful mental escape from the to-do list and your worries, all things that will be patiently waiting for you upon your return. So why not escape for 30 minutes? 60 minutes? Maybe that’s just what you need today.

Or maybe you use your run time to face your demons as you try to emotionally process the messy, stressful happenings in your life. When you’re running  you don’t have to answer to any one else’s opinions, judgments or questions. The run gives you the opportunity to face your fears and hear your own voice. Now that you finally have a moment to yourself to breathe, what do you really think? How are you really doing? No matter what the answer- you need to be able to ask yourself these questions in order to learn how to move forward. Maybe that’s exactly why you need to get out there today.

Either way each run serves a purpose as it helps you heal and move forward. It’s not easy- but in life you have to keep moving. Because moving is living.

But how do you move forward when you feel stuck? Where do you begin?

I have wondered this a lot lately. I stand here at the beginning of a very long road of separating from a partner with whom I have spent a decade. So how do I begin again? How do I make sense of it all? How do I heal? I honestly don’t know. All I know is that I have to keep moving! Because moving is living!!

I just wrapped up week 2 of my Boston marathon training. Before every run I thought about how thankful I was that I had decided to sign up for the race; for the next five months I have something in the near future to work towards to keep me moving. I’ll be honest- during my weekly runs my mind hasn’t been focused on race day; rather, I have found myself using the time to do some serious soul searching during this transition. During my run I only answer to myself- I don’t have to explain my thoughts, feelings or actions to anyone else- just me. And I need that right now; I need to give myself the opportunity to face the tough thoughts and feelings inside. I do this on the run, so when I’m finished I am able to better take care of my daughter, focus on the customers at the running store, be as responsive as possible to my athletes’ needs and better enjoy my day.

All in all I consider week 2 of training a success. I logged my first 40 mile week on a slow build up to 70 and I just can’t wait to run more! The paces have even gotten a smidge speedier since summer training in the humidity (evil heart rate training and humidity), so I’m calling that a win! My zone 1/conversational pace runs and zone 2 tempo paces are each about 20-30 seconds a mile FASTER than when I was summer training (essentially I’m logging about 8:05 instead of 8:40’s for my zone 1 runs and 7:10’s for my zone 2 tempo instead of 7:40’s- woohoo); some of this is related to better fitness, whereas some of it is related to less humidity! Woohoo!!

Since training has just begun most of my miles are spent at a conversational (HR zone 1) pace. During this phase of training my body is acclimating to added mileage with a few basic tempo efforts thrown in (one tempo run and some pep at the end of my long run). More miles and more speed to come!! But first let’s talk FOOD!!

Last week was my first week learning to cook for one in the new apartment. I found myself mostly making the same meal for dinner- some sort of grilled protein served over spinach salad. It’s healthy and easy- boom done! I like to cook, so I am planning on cooking some big meals and then having lots of left overs for cheap, easy and healthy meals that I can take to work!

Unfortunately since last week was my first week hitting 40 miles- my appetite is back WITH A VENGEANCE muahahha! I found myself reaching for trail mix and enjoying late night ice cream with Lillian FAR too often. One of my goals for the next week of training is to balance out my food intake a little better- ahem… more apples and bananas and fewer ice cream sundaes…. to be clear I didn’t say NO ice cream of cookies ;).

Here’s the shakedown of last week’s meals and miles…


Miles- 3.5 mi @ 9:37 pace (Recovery)

Meals- Grilled chicken over a spinach salad with avocado and fresh cut veggies (tomato, red pepper, carrots)




Miles-  6.3 total miles ~ 2×12 min @ tempo: Interval 1 @ 7:30 min/mi, Interval 2 @ 7:02 min/mi

Meal- BBQ grilled chicken breast over spinach salad with fresh veggies, mozzarella, peas and light peppercorn ranch dressing!! Nom nom- this is my FAVORITE!! And Lilly ate a TON of grilled chicken… and it’s mom,FTW!!




Miles: 7.5 miles @ 8:08 pace (Zone 1/conversational pace)

Meals: Ground turkey sloppy joe (ground turkey, onions, bbq sauce and ooey gooey mozzarella) served with steamed string beans and roasted sweet potatoes. Not my best creation… not my worst.





Miles- 60 min lift. … no running- sadness

Meals – Trader Joes sundried tomato chicken sausage served over spinach salad (are you seeing a common theme? quick, easy, healthy) with fresh veggies, leftover string beans and shaved Parmesan slices served with balsamic dressing.

FullSizeRender (1)



Miles- 6.1 miles @ 8:07 min/mi pace

Meals- Two slices of greasy cheese pizza with a good friend and our mini-me’s. Yum!!!



Saturday… WHY on PLANET EARTH did I eat pizza the night before a long run??? NEVER let me do this again!! Barf!!

Miles- 13.7 miles @ 8 min/mi pace  (First 90 min @ conversational pace @ 8:04 pace, Final 18 min tempo @ 7:39 pace)

Meals-  On Saturday I tried the Trader Joes premarinated curry chicken strips – yuck! I ate it— but man, I really wish I didn’t have leftovers to eat. 🙁 I served it with steamed broccoli and black rice. Everything was pretty bland. Boo! Onwards to better food!




Miles: 3.2 recovery miles @ 10:45 min/mi on the Woodway treadmill @ the YMCA 🙂

Meals- The Cookie Party!! Lillian and I baked lemon drop and cherry drop cookies for a cookie-swap party. On Sunday we went, we ate, we conquered the best cookie party!! In the car on the way home Lillian said, “Mama… I think I ate too much sugar.” Yup! That about sums it up 🙂 When we got back I snacked on a small cup of homemade butternut squash soup.


     Total Miles: 40.6


I hope everyone had an awesome week!!


Just keep moving and never stop running 🙂



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  1. Paige S

    So funny that you are not a pizza eater before long runs! My husband and I seek out the pizza before every long run and all of our races. I’m not sure how having our favorite pizza mailed to Boston the night before the marathon is going to work. 😉

  2. I had a horrible long run last week and I think it had two reasons…..I ran a relatively hard 5k the day before (normally I rest) and I also had been to parties or out for the prior 6 out of 8 nights, including a late night before the run. Man, I was in trouble. This week has to be better.

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