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Meet my coach, No Bullsh*t Beth. (Plus last week’s meals & miles)


About once a training block Coach Beth and I exchange words. Don’t get me wrong we’re really REALLY good friends and far too often more alike than different. Then again I didn’t hire her to be my friend, I hired her to be my coach. There is a BIG difference.

During my last check in I mentioned how I was having a rough training cycle. I haven’t been hitting my tempo splits quite as hard as I should be able to hit them and my speedwork needs… well, lots of work! Over the past few weeks my training and nutrition have been sloppy and it’s starting to show in my energy level and ability to execute key runs. What have I been doing wrong? Well for one I’ve been letting my personal life distract me on the road. I’ve been running my easy runs of the week too hard; as a result I’m too tired to nail the splits on my tough runs leaving me feeling frustrated and somewhat like a failure! It’s a vicious cycle!

After each workout I checked in with my coach and made excuses for the sloppy training- until last week. Last week Coach Beth from Your26.2, now called The Run Formula reminded me why I hired a coach in the first place. I didn’t hire her to listen to my excuses. I didn’t hire her to feel bad for my messy life. I didn’t hire her to coddle me. I hired her to always shoot straight with me, to know when I need to be pushed and when I need to be pulled back, and most importantly to show me the path to becoming a better runner.

As I was saying, about once a training block Beth and I exchange words- not mean, nasty explicates- ha, not quite. Our conversation took on more of the “If you actually want to get better, it’s time you actually start playing by the rules!!! Oh, and guess what? I’m the coach and I make the rules. SO LISTEN TO ME you punk kid!”  Okay, I might be exaggerating a smidge 🙂 … but you get the point. Behold reason number 672 why I love Coach Beth Shutt:

#672: Beth calls me on my bullshit.

Last week I started to turn things around with my training. I nailed the goal heart rates on my recovery runs and zone 1/base pace runs. The tempos still need some work, but we’re getting there. I also started taking recovery more seriously: several nights I was able to get over 8 hours of sleep and I actually took naps twice last week (post tempo run and post long run). How did I make all of these changes? I actually started trying. I am in control of myself on the road. My nutrition is far from perfect this training cycle… yes Lillian, of course we can have ice cream tonight! Yikes… The thing is- Beth doesn’t ask for perfection. She asks for effort. I know that if you put in the effort you will see the results on the road. So, when it comes to my nutrition I simply need to do the same. Limit the weekly ice cream nibbles with Lillian, minimize portions of unhealthy meals and vegetable the crap out of my snack bag. Yea, you heard me right. 😉

 A quick peek as last week’s meals and miles 2.1 to 2.7: 


Miles-  9 miles ~ track workout- 10 x 400s with 1.5 min recovery jog inbetween. I struggled with this workout but held on for dear life and ran all 10 repeats under 6:23 pace (95 seconds) and as fast as a 6:04 pace (90 seconds). Work to do!

Meal- My new favorite meal that is healthy and easy: edamame, sweet potatoes and string beans with shaved Parmesan and topped with a little avocado.



Miles- 2.5 recovery miles @ 9:44 pace

Meal- Turkey burger with cooked asparagus drizzled with balsamic dressing and served with roasted sweet potatoes.




Miles- 2×17 min @ zone 3 (HARD) tempo run: Interval 1 wind at my back- 6:45 splits! WAHOO!!  Interval 2 wind in my face- 7:30 splits – DOH!! RUNNING IS HARD MAKE TIME GO FASTER!! *8.8 miles

Meal- Black bean quesadilla with corn, a few chips and fat free sour cream. *Note: I never sit with an open bag of chips- TOO DANGEROUS – always take out my serving beforehand. Also- no way I was able to finish this meal- It turned out to be way too much food! I ate 2/3 of quesadilla, the chips and some corn.




Miles- 3.2 miles @ 10:11 splits

Meal- Girls night out at The Fours in Quincy with Lilly!! I got the BBQ burger with baked beans and sweet potato fries. Once again- pictures are deceiving- I cut this burger in half, had a FEW fries and SOME of the beans. I’m still working on the whole balancing act of nutrition this cycle.




Miles- 7.7 miles @ 8:24 conversational pace ~ NAILED IT! Perfect HR zone & pacing- a rarity!

Meal- To prepare for my long run I had a simple pasta dish with chicken, peas and parm.




Miles- 16 miles @ 8 min splits (First 100 minutes @ conversational pace (8:09 pace avg), Final 27 @ zone 2 tempo (7:28 pace)

*It’s always a fun game to learn how to start long runs REALLY slow, gradually increase speed and finish strong. My final mile of this run was a 7:17 and somehow it felt DAMN GOOD!! 🙂 Today was a good day!

Meal- Same meal as Monday 🙂 This time I added left over BBQ chicken for added protein to help muscles recover from long run.





Miles-  2.1 miles @ 11 min pace (avg HR of 117! boom!)

Meal- Superbowl Sunday- Lilly and I went to a friend’s house for the game where I had chili and smore’s brownies!! YESSS!!! SMORE’S BROWNIES!!  ~ there will be no brownies had next week because of such and insanely delicious indulgence 🙂 #itwasworthit


Since I inhaled my superbowl dinner (whoops!) I added a pic of Lilly and I at the local library! School was closed on Monday due to the snowstorm, so Miss Lilly and I went to the library for nearly 2 hours to rent movies, take out books and play educational computer games! So much fun with my little!!


Total miles: 49.3 🙂 So close to 50!

Never stop running,




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  1. What you mentioned in this post is one of the key reasons that I really feel like it would be worth having a coach for my next 26.2. They’re there to kick your butt in gear when it needs it. Good for you for being honest with yourself about your training and for working to get back on track. You are going to rock Boston! 🙂

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