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The Meals and Miles of Taper Time (week of 3/30 to 4/5)


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Lillian is (thankfully ;)) a huge help in the kitchen. Here she is sprinkling cheese on homemade chicken parm from a few weeks ago.

Athletes who are moving into the taper phase of training should pay careful attention to their calorie intake during this time. As an athlete transitions from a high mileage week and moves into lower mileage “taper time” s/he needs to adjust what s/he is eating to mirror the lower mileage load.

I’ll be the first to say that this is much easier said than done!! While a part of me knows that I need to be extra careful with my calorie intake during taper, all I really want to do is eat! Unfortunately if I eat a ton and then don’t burn it off I feel incredibly sluggish. Then again, I’m pretty sure I always feel sluggish, nervous and restless throughout taper.

In an effort to eat a little healthier during taper time I have tried to make the following changes in my diet:

  • Eat more vegetable heavy salads throughout the week to balance out the not-as-healthy meals
  • When I do eat heavier meals (ahem, shredded beef enchiladas), I really focus on portion control.
  • Continue to eat every 3 or so hours throughout the day with tons of (fruits, veggies, nuts and homemade snacks) to minimize excessive portions at night.
  • Stop eating when I’m full. More often than not I serve myself too much food and get full before I’ve cleaned my plate. I immediately pack up this food and save it for leftovers (so as not to go back and pick at it)

Here are last week’s Meals and Miles (3/30 to 4/5)


Run- Rest day!! (Still getting over stomach bug!)

Dinner- Turkey sandwich on cranberry walnut bread from Whole Foods Market (at work) ~ forgot to snap a pic!



Run- 6 miles @ 8:00 pace

Dinner- Trader Joes (Ground) Chicken Apple Sausage served over green leaf lettuce with carrots, red peppers and avo (and honey mustard dressing- YUM!!). Homemade sweet potato fries on the side (Just buy a sweet potato, slice her up and put in the over @ 400 for 30 minutes- flip over half way through- delicious, healthy and easy).



Run- 6 miles @ 7:50 pace

Dinner- Grilled chicken stir fry with carrots, onions, sugar snap peas and broccoli over quinoa (picture somehow deleted! sorry guys!!)



Run-  5 miles @ 7:27 pace (descended pace run); 50 minute lift

Dinner- Shredded beef enchiladas (recipe from Eat Live Run blog here) served with avocado, corn and diced tomatoes. This recipe is to die for is quickly becoming one of our weekly favorites!!




Run-  Off from running! 2 mile walk with Sydney!

Dinner- Leftover beef enchiladas and red pepper strips/carrots at work.





Run-  13.5 miles on Boston Marathon course @ 7:23 pace (workout: 5 x 1 mile at 5 seconds below marathon goal pace… about 7:15s)

Dinner-  Day before Easter dinner at my in-laws! Duck confit served with lentils and steamed broccoli and green beans.



Sunday/Happy Easter

Run- Recovery day- 4 miles @ 8:53 pace.

Dinner- Trader Joe’s chicken Italian sausage over spinach salad with blue cheese crumbles, avocado, red peppers, carrots and of course, sweet potatoes with a low fat balsamic vinaigrette dressing . 🙂

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Total: 35 miles 


I hope everyone had an awesome week of running filled with many miles and delicious food (and maybe even a little bit of Easter candy too)  😉


Never Stop Running,

Kass/ The Lone Runner

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  1. The Easter candy is calling my name. Must resist!! It does seem cruel to tell a runner to run less AND eat less calories 🙂
    So what’s the early prediction of race day weather?? I guess I’m packing a suitcase full of everything running related that I own because here in Ohio it’s still pretty chilly. Potential for warm up this weekend to test out wearing a pair of shorts outside maybe!

  2. Those are great tips! It’s always really hard during the taper when your body still wants to eat like you’re in full training mode though your miles have significantly decreased. I let myself have some Easter candy on Sunday, but for now it’s stashed away until after the race. That stuff is dangerous!

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