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Meals and Miles (7.20- 7.26)



Early last week I realized that it’s been a while since I have done a Meals and Miles post, so I decided to bring back the series of weekly posts for fun for the next few weeks.


The Miles: My training plan from Your26.2 typically consists of a three week build in intensity and volume that is then followed with a fourth week of low mileage, recovery. Last week was a recovery week and it was glorious! Two days off! Time to rest, recoup and prep for three more weeks of brutal workouts. 🙂 I am quickly learning that executing recovery and giving your body time to heal/energize is just as critical to success in training as the workouts themselves. So, I spent the week stretching, hydrating, getting quality sleep and de-stressing. Did I mention that it was magical? 🙂

The recovery weeks typically culminate in a weekend hard effort or race. Instead of a race I completed a 4×1 mile repeat workout on the track with 90 seconds of full rest in between each repeat. The goal was to start off with a do-able mile time and descend the pace to an all out effort for the last repeat.

I had a TON of fun with this workout!! Don’t get me wrong- it was BRUTAL and left me spent, but it was fun to be back on the track, force myself to focus and push the pace outside of my comfort zone. My mile paces were: 6:36, 6:31, 6:32 and 6:24. These were by no means easy, but damn were they fun!! I ran music free so that I could just talk to myself and focus on each and every step. Recently I have found that music feels like extra noise that clouds my thoughts during tougher/intense runs, so going music free really helped me hear my own voice and allow my own words shine through. The mantra of the day were “steady” (repeats 1&2) and “surge” (repeats 3&4). Not sure where these mantras came from but boy did they help me pull through! Especially repeating ‘surge’ during the fourth mile.

Nothing about this workout was easy. Nothing about pushing your body out of its comfort zone is easy.

But damn is it worth it every single time!!

This workout was the good kind of hurt!! I even took between 20-30 seconds off per mile from the same workout I did just 4 weeks earlier (mile paces weeks earlier: 6:56, 6:59, 6:49, 6:47). That is what I like to call progress. And progress, not perfection is what training is all about!



My favorite meal of the week: Grilled tuna a la Owen with pineapple mango salsa! (See sunday)


The Meals: I somewhat regret choosing this past week to bring back this post series because gosh- my meals were somewhat boring and uninspired! I was on the go most days and didn’t have much time to cook! So most of the meals were quickly thrown together to simply put healthy food in the belly, rather than tickle the palate. This post helped me realize that I might eat too many sweet potatoes. Is there such a thing as too many sweet potatoes? Not sure, but in the future I’d like to vary my starches a smidge.

I know the pictures aren’t artsy and fancy; I am often surprised that I have the self restraint to stop and take any pictures of my food before inhaling it. Consider yourselves lucky that there are any pictures at all! 😉  My goal for next week is to have a little bit more variety in the meals, incorporate different vegetables and branch out from just eating chicken :).


The Shakedown: 



Miles- 2 recovery miles @ 10:30 pace (day after 13 mile split run)

Meal- Chicken thighs marinated in balsamic and olive oil with sweet potato and steamed broccoli




Miles- 5.5 miles @ 8:11 pace (a run as you feel workout)

Meal- Birthday dinner at Tosca in Hingham. That night Owen and I shared a delicious lobster risotto for the appetizer (top right). Then I noshed on every runners dream, the wild boar bolognese (left). Lastly we shared the flourless chocolate cake drenched in hot fudge with mint chip ice cream for dessert!!  OMG sooo good!

Kerry and Nate Visit 2015



Miles-  4 miles @ 8:30 pace (zone 1/easy with my pal Evan)

Meal- Trader Joes chicken apple sausage spinach salad with loads of veggies, blue cheese crubles and balsamic dressing (pic below is a similar meal with chicken- truth be told I scarfed Wednesday’s meal down and then realized I should have taken a pic. My bad.)

unnamed (4)-002



Miles – OFF

Meal- Look! I cooked for once! Nothing fancy, but it’s food on the table so I’m calling it a win!

Roasted chicken (skin removed), black rice and baked Brussels sprouts with a dusting of asiago. Served with a mesclun salad with red peppers, avo and tomatoes and a fig balsamic dressing :).




Miles- 2 recovery miles @ 9:38 pace

Meal at work- Leftovers (skinless rotisserie chicken with black rice) and raw carrots/red pepper strips. Doesn’t the picture below look so sad and plain! It got the job done and was healthy and all that stuff. But then I followed up with a surprise birthday cupcake (thanks Evan!). My birthday is not helping my waistline!





Miles – Tough workout: 4×1 mile repeats (described above). Mile paces: 6:36, 6:31, 6:32, 6:24 (REALLY happy with how this workout panned out)

Meal- Bunless turkey burger with steamed broccoli and what do you know- MORE sweet potatoes!




Miles- OFF

Meal- Tropical marinated tuna with pineapple mango salsa, baked sweet potato fries and snap peas with a light Asian dressing. Clearly my husband cooked this meal. It is innovative, healthy and has delicious written all over it ;). #mymancancook



I honestly don’t know where he comes up with his recipes, but man do they all taste amazing!! Correction, he has a 98 % success rate 😉 #beefpatedistaster2015 #anotherstoryanothertime

Total miles: 24 miles


Up next : 3 more build weeks! Bring on the miles, more speed work and before I know it the Timberman Half Iron Relay (run portion!) in August!!


Keep crushin’ it runners!! ;),





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