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Who knew lemons could be so sweet: Lululemon photoshoot!

Who knew lemons could be so sweet?!

Do you know what impresses me even more than the high quality of Lululemon’s running apparel? It’s the company they keep. It’s time I confess my true feelings about Lululemon. Okay, follow me here.  Every time I have walked into Lululemon everyone’s so darn happy so much so that I often equated Lulu with the fairy world that Sookie visits in Trueblood: Are these beautiful women really this kind, supportive and nice? Are they really this happy AT WORK!?! 

It wasn’t until I was asked by Lululemon-Hingham to be their marathon maven that I got a real good look at the culture of this company. I can tell you that I’ve been truly wowed by Lululemon. First and foremost, Lululemon isn’t just a company, it’s a culture. Here is a store that not only employs (mostly) women, but also empowers them to support each other, set goals for themselves, utilize their personal strengths/interests at work and follow their dreams. Within my first week as a maven I learned that Lululemon mandates all of their employees to attend a three hour intensive group session with a career counselor to set one year, five year and ten year goals for themselves. This service was even offered to the other maven and myself (naturally I jumped at the opportunity to have someone help me organize my chaotic life ;)). I also learned that Lululemon employees work the sales floor for 80% of their weekly hours; the other 20% of their time is spent utilizing their personal strengths/interests to develop and promote the store in other ways (i.e. merchandising, community outreach, etc). For example, Jennifer Sheskey, the photographer at the photo shoot has her own private photography business and brings her passion to her job at Lululemon. She photographs the mavens each year and photographs other company events and staff pictures as needed throughout the year.

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Lululemon isn’t just a brand, it is a culture. Even I, cynical Kassandra, am willing to admit that the women I have met (thru this maven experience) have truly wowed me. Supportive, upbeat, genuine and intelligent. Honestly- I’m in awe. I’d like to thank Lululemon- Hingham again for their support during this marathon training cycle and wonderful experience of getting to know their community that much better!

This past week I had the amazing experience of being photographed running by professional photographer, Jennifer Sheskey. The photos were taken at World’s End park and in downtown Hingham, Massachusetts. During the shoot (as well as during my 12 mile run  later that morning:)) I wore the uber comfy moderate/high support enhearten tank and the 100% stay-put Inspire Tight II. 

Here are a couple of the pics from the shoot!!

unnamed (4)

And guess what! They’re actually going to put one in the window at Lulu-Hingham in April- whoa! I’M SO EXCITED!!!

Thanks again to the ladies of Lulu- for all of your support, generosity and for just being you!! 🙂


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This one’s my favorite 🙂

Never stop running,


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