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5 “must haves” for your summer long run


A post-run dip in the pool to cool off is a necessity…just wish I had a bigger pool.

So you want to run long, but you’re not sure what you need for the long haul. Water or Gatorade? Hat or visor? Here are my top 5 MUST HAVES for a summer long run.

(Bear in mind that going on a “Long Run” is a relative term. Ultra-marathoners may consider a 13 miler an easy distance, whereas I consider anything over 10 “long”. If it’s long to you, then it’s long- got it?)

1.Running shorts that don’t ride up... because I hate adjusting my shorts every 30 seconds.

Working at Greater Boston Running Co. allows me to try on all of the new merchandise upon its arrival. I have fallen in love with The North Face’s running shorts and both Nike’s running shorts and skirts. These brands make top quality products that will last several running seasons. 


During the Superhero Half in New Jersey (pictured to the left) I wore a Nike Rival Woman’s Stretch Woven Skirt (found here for 49% off!!). The skirt has a pair of built in bike shorts that don’t budge! Love them!


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Recently I find myself wearing The North Face’s “Eat My Dust” shorts on my long runs (picture on right). They are found here: Link. They not only have a wide band across the waist making them incredibly comfortable, but they also feel unbelievably light and airy on the go. 







DSC_30582. Fuel belt/water. In my recent post about Hydrating On the Run I talked about using my fuel belt to improve my performance during a long run, but during hot summer runs I consider water critical for my safety.

If it’s hot out don’t second guess it- just bring water with your or stash some on your running route.








DSC_1524-0013. Nutrition. If your run is over 90 minutes long consider taking additional nutrition on the go to maintain a strong performance from start to finish. Nutrition for endurance athletes (Clifs Shot Bloks, Gu, Powerbar Perform, etc.) replaces carbohydrates and electrolytes used up and sweat out during a long workout.

I prefer black cherry Clifs Shot Blocks mostly because they taste like big gummy bears. Um, yes please! Each packet contains 6 gummy blocks; I take one block about every 3-4 miles on a long run.

4. Body glide. Chafing is a skin irritation that occurs when skin is repeatedly rubbed together.  Ouch!! So very ouch!! Since runners naturally wear less clothing on warmer runs, under arm, thigh and sports bra chafing tends to be at its worst in the summer months.

I roll on body glide, an anti-chafing skin lubricant before any long run to prevent nasty, painful chafing. Don’t worry- your post-run shower will quickly tell you if you missed a spot!



VIsor5. A visor. I was surprised to learn that the lack of ventilation in a standard running hat increased my HR by over 5 BPM!!  overheated on the run!


After feeling dreadfully overheated on two runs in my hat, I switched to my Brooks visor and haven’t switched back! The visor keeps the sun out of my eyes (no squinting!!) while properly ventilating my steamy noggin. A necessity for long, sunny runs!!



6. BONUS ROUND: SUNBLOCK!! Let’s be honest- I’m one pasty, whitey, white girl. Just like eating cookies on long run day, sunblock during summer runs is nonnegotiable. SPF 50+ where are you??

Did I miss anything?? What are your long run must haves?
Do you use GU, Shot Blocks, or Jelly Beans for nutrition? – what are your fav flavors?
Do you have chafing problems? How do you combat it?



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  1. I like to bring my iPod in case I want to listen to music and my iPhone (for photos). Thanks for posting the short links. I’ve been trying to find new ones that do not ride up. I wear a lot of running skirts but sometimes I just want to wear shorts.

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