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Some little updates… and one big one :)


This pic has nothing to do with this post… but cookies make me smile 🙂 yup.

I’m well aware that I’ve been MIA on this blog! Sadness. There’s so much to tell you all that I’ll quickly bullet point it:

  • Right now I’m in the midst of my peak week and will likely hit 70 miles this week (wahoo!), last week I hit 66 and did a 24 mile split run- whoa!!!
  • I’m starting physical therapy today to *hopefully* learn some new stretches and strength training exercises that will help me with this tightness I keep experiencing in my right hamstring.
  • Lillian. 🙂 The light of my life. The best part of my day. Missing her tremendously this week. Not really missing the several hours of Diego, Dora and My Little Ponies that I have to watch though.
  • I’m coaching 15 athletes now!! FIFTEEN! I’ve been working hard to craft all of their training plans and keep tabs on them all to help move them towards success on the road. This is super time consuming, but also incredibly fun! My athletes are anywhere from brand spakin
  • I’ve become begrudgingly fond of my evil cat. I caught myself thinking, “You must be lonely! Do you think you’d like a friend to play with?” Then I immediately proceeded to smack myself- THIS IS HOW WOMEN BECOME CAT LADIES. NO MORE CATS KASS. NO MORE!! I think I need to get out more, pronto. Help.

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That’s it for now! Hoping to post again tomorrow 🙂

Never Stop Running,


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  1. Kris Emond

    I feel your pain with the tight right hamstring! Been training for Boston since November. Been to PT 3 times in the past couple weeks for dry needling to help my extremely tight bicep femoris, piriformis, TFL and glute medius! It’s helping a lot. If u can, you might want to try it. Also working on my 1 legged strength exercises for my hips. The joys of running marathons in your mid to later 40’s! Good luck!

  2. Congratulations on the new coaching job! I’m an 18 year old runner (mainly mid-distance) but trying to relate you to my mom’s running and I could not even imagine her running 70 miles a week, even when she was in prime shape. She did manage to run 2 half marathons but has since sadly eased off her running lifestyle. Can’t wait to continue reading your blog and give my mom some new ideas!

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