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Let’s run the YMCA Frozen 5K!!



Three years ago on a whim I signed up for my first road race and I am still amazed at all of the places that running has taken me. I have unearthed a passion for writing, coaching and competitive, long distance running, discovered discovered strengths, and developed life long friendships within the running community. Who knew one little local 5k race had the power to change my life so suddenly and profoundly?

This January I’m heading back to where it all began at the Quincy South Shore YMCA’s Frozen 5k to kick off the racing season. How will I fare on race day? Who knows! The Frozen 5k represents the start of a new year of road racing so I’m going to roll with the punches. I don’t have a specific time in mind to beat; my goal is to run hard, lay it all on the table and most importantly HAVE FUN!! I will be racing off of my base mileage with very little speed work under my belt. I consider this race as a starting point for the season as it will help indicate my starting level of fitness as I begin to prepare for the Boston Marathon!

I am SUPER EXCITED to race again and I sincerely hope you will join me! This will be my first race flying solo so it would be wonderful to see some familiar faces and make new friends on race day!!! I’ve already persuaded a few of my athletes to join me in this venture (muhahahaha more runners!! must find MORE runners!), so will you consider it too!?

Join me on Sunday January 3rd to to kick off a new racing season and a year full of endless possibilities!! 🙂

Running has the power to take you places, if you let it– so REGISTER TODAY and run with me!! 🙂

 Race Details:

Fall 20154


Never Stop Running,


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