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Last week’s workouts: 6.16 – 6.22


 My first trail run, quick trips to visit family in New Jersey and New Hampshire, placing in a local 5k race and squeezing in some serious milege- yes this week has been a busy one!

fathers day

Father’s Day trip to the Boston Acquarium, photo bomb by Myrtle the turtle

Since Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon in May my running has been going pretty well. My eating habits on the other hand have not! It seems like every other day I am celebrating some event or rewarding a rigorous run with cookies or ice cream. Since I log a fair amount of miles I don’t think these sweet treats are hurting me, but they surely aren’t helping my running either. It’s time I start turning things around in the food department. Eating some cookies is fine- but having cookies every day is not going to help me come marathon day. Everything in moderation, right?

I started training for the Chicago Marathon (Oct. 2014) two weeks ago and told myself that I would do two things: (1) Clean up my eating habits to eat relatively healthy 6 out of 7 days of the week and (2) truly follow my training plan and run to heart rate (go really easy on the “easy” days and hard on the “hard” days). Unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way of what may initially seem like simple tasks.

On Friday June 13th my 94 year old grandmother passed away. She truly lived a full life with 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. On Monday I made a special trip home to mourn with my family and attend the services. Even though I struggled to eat healthy on the road during this trip, it felt really good (and was long overdue) to see my family, cousins and second cousins come together to remember my grandma for the strong, loving, well-dressed and opinionated old bird that she has always been. 🙂 

Since I had a lot on my mind I woke up around 5 am most days this week and several of my runs were started at or before 6 am. The roads were so peaceful and serene that I actually decided to run without music for the entire week. I used this time to let my mind wander and relax.  This week my runs were less “pace” focused and more “relax and enjoy the run” oriented- because sometimes you need to take a step back from the training plan.

This Week’s Workouts

Monday: 10.2 mi @ 7:45 pace

* a 2×15 minute tempo run


This kiddo helped me pack for an unplanned trip to Jersey.

Tuesday: Ran 4 miles easy (8:45 pace)  on Patriot’s Path trails NJ;  60 minute lift with my sister!


patriots path sign

I hopped on Patriot’s Path for a short trail run while visiting my parents in Mendham, NJ.

Ran a hilly 
9.2 mi  (8:16 pace) in New Jersey before heading back to Boston

res 2

The Mendham resevoir.

Thursday: Ran an easy 3.5 miles @ 9:00 pace; 60 min lift


Friday: Ran an easy 3.2 mi with 3 x 30 second pick ups in pace (8:22 pace)


Saturday: Plymouth’s Mill Pond 5k race (recap to follow!)

2 mi warm-up, 3.1 race (6:33 pace) , 3.5  mi cool down

new hamp birthday

After the race I drove up to NH to celebrate my FIL’s 65th birthday! Happy Birthday Tom!

new hamp alpaca

Enjoyed some quality time visiting with the alpacas at the farm!


Sunday: Ran 8 miles @ 7:52 pace; started off at 8:45’s and descended pace to 7:30’s


new hamp farm

Before heading back to Boston on Sunday morning I watched Owen play ball with Sydney from the deck. I love this view!

Total : 46.5 miles

Goals for next week:
Next week I’m heading back down to New Jersey to meet my new brand new baby niece Samantha French!! Born this Saturday the 21st, I’m super excited to meet the new edition to the family! During this trip I will do a better job at getting in my fruits and veggies, while also carefully logging the miles on my training plan. I’m not going to say that I won’t eat any cookies… but definitely fewer cookies. 🙂

Cheers to another week of summer!!



Another beautiful picture of my trail run.

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