The last day.


When I go to the airport I can’t help but stare at people’s feet. It’s true, I have become absolutely obsessed with running shoes. I now own easily more than 25 pairs of sneakers. Earlier this week I found myself on New Balance’s website looking at a pair of black Zante’s while thinking to myself, “Yea, I could dress this up.” Sad, but true I’m already trying to figure out how to wear sneakers to my new job.
I’ve been working at the local running store in Hingham for the past three years. Today at 4 pm marks the end of an era.  From the sweet bearded painter from Dartmouth who barely speaks English but comes in every 4 months like clockwork to replace his beaten down shoes to the mother of the newborn babe I just fit this morning it’s been an amazing experience to connect with so many runners in the local community.

Running is so much more to me than logging a few miles to stay healthy; it’s who I am. Even more working at the running store has always meant more to me than just selling running shoes. I’m actually a pretty bad salesperson. I eat, live and breathe running so when an avid runner comes in the store I start beaming with excitement to connect with someone who shares the same passion. I’ve always said I was more of a runner than a sales person. Ooops, sorry management. In all honesty I have NEVER suggested that a runner buy something that I wouldn’t buy myself. Unfortunately, you are talking to the person who owns over 20 pairs of shoes. YES, I run in two pairs of shoes. YES, I rotate my shoes. YES, I believe you should change your shoes at a minimum of every 6 months. YES, I wear body glide, a running belt and a Garmin 235. And YES, I actually believe a pair of Feetures socks can change your life ;).

Running is what I do. Connecting with runners is who I am. It’s truly bittersweet to say goodbye, but I’m ready for this change. I’m ready to put my big girl pants on and move forward in my career as a mental health therapist. It’s now 4 pm on Friday and my time here is up.  Can you guess what my last sale was? A pair of Feetures socks! How fitting!!

So much love to the running community along the South Shore!! I’ve fit you for shoes, entertained your kiddos while you’ve shopped and talked training, racing and running for the past three years!! It’s been a blast- thank you for the memories!!

Cheers to new beginnings!

New job starts Monday morning!! But I’ll be in heels (sad face).

Never stop running,



Just me, at work, blowdrying my hair cause I refused to cut my morning run short.
I SWEAR I only did this once… cough cough.. a week. 🙂

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  1. Good luck to you in all your new endeavors!

  2. Jillian

    Heels! Ha! 😉

  3. Fab post. I go to a running store in London (Run and Become) which is full of staff like you. They never work on the basis of cost, but on the basis of what works for me. Love it and I’m incredibly loyal. They’re all runners and they’ve got my trust and being the cynic I am, that’s a big thing. I feel really guilty if I go elsewhere. Good luck to you and what a loss for them!

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