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Maybe something good really does happen when you need it the most!! I try to keep the nitty gritty details of my life off of the blog but the reality is that everyone has ups and downs. This past weekend had several down so much so that when I ran into a friend at the gym on Monday I threw my arms around her for a hug while bursting into tears. Sometimes you just need to cry. Regardless of the tough weekend this week has had a serious upswing: Lululemon posted a picture of myself (and the other maven, Maureen Hayes who runs for Team Hoyt!! Go MO!!!) in their storefront, my mom is currently visiting from New Jersey AND yesterday I found out that I WON A TRIP TO IRELAND AT WORK!!! Whaaaaat!!!!!

Every year Saucony holds a world-wide contest called the Race to Kinvara. This contest is held within (I believe) every running specialty store across the country that sells the brand. When you sell a certain number of Sauconys within a month your name is put into a drawing to win a trip to Ireland. Since I love and wear my Saucony Guides ALL THE TIME it’s really not hard for me to stand behind the brand. Plus I have been running in the Saucony Ride GTX this winter and have really fallen in love with it’s lightweight ride and reinforced upper. Lastly, I work at the running store full time so it’s not too hard to sell a few shoes when you basically live there. To be honest several times a week I try to use my house key to get into the backdoor of the running store- NO KASS, THIS IS NOT YOUR HOME!!! Although it would be nice to rest my head surrounded by the smell of new running shoes. Regardless, I was able to sell the shoes no problem but didn’t expect anything to come from it. Nothing came from it last year… or the year before… so why would this year be any different?



On Wednesday Jon, the bearded man in the picture above and my AWESOME Saucony rep walked into the running store with Dropkick Murphy’s blazing and a six pack of Guiness in an Easter basket while furiously waving an Irish flag. What on Earth is going on?? Jon told me that I was randomly selected along with (about) 40 others across the country to go to Ireland and compete in the stage race called the Race to Kinvara!! WAIT! WHAAAAAAT!! I stared at him expressionless for a few seconds because I honestly didn’t believe him. Wait what? Wait- REALLY? LIKE REALLY REALLY???  Yep it’s true- somehow when I needed it the most the universe just handed me something incredibly wonderful in the form of a free trip to Ireland to run a race!!



So what exactly is the Race to Kinvara?? From what I hear the race is similar to a relay race in that all of the winners will be divided into 8-10 relay teams. Then, over the course of two days we will run back to back legs of a course that will take us from Dublin to Kinvara. Instead of running through the night like most relay races I am familiar with (Ragnar, Reach the Beach) we will stay in hotels overnight chock full of lots of Irish beverages and from what I hear- massage therapists! :).  I am SO INCREDIBLY excited to literally run through Ireland, take a step back, regroup and have a little fun!!!


Oh yea- and the trip is this July… ON MY BIRTHDAY! Guess I’ll be ushering my 32nd year with a Guiness 😉 Wahoo!! Bring on the race of a lifetime!

Never stop running,


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  1. Dana Clowes

    YAHOOO!!! Congratulations 🙂 You’ll have such a blast!

  2. Dude, I am so freaking psyched for you!!!!! What an incredible opportunity and it sounds like the fanfare during the announcement set the tone for the trip. I could not be more thrilled to see a friend and awesome runner win this! 🙂

  3. That is so wonderful! Can’t wait to read about it!

  4. Jenny A

    WOOOOO!!! I won this year too! Looking forward to meeting everyone on this trip! See you in Dublin!

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