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Hot summer sun? Time to hydrate on the run!!


Last week I got ready to run an easy seven miles with my friend Evan. I laced up my shoes and added a splash of water to the bottles in my fuel belt. Evan said with a questioning grin, “Really? A fuel belt for 7 miles?? You’re kidding, right?” I wasn’t kidding- not at all. During the run I sipped water three separate times. Did I desperately need the water for this run?- No, but it set my mind at ease and simply put, the water ensured a more comfortable run from start to finish.

I’ll admit that I used to think that people who drank water during a 60 minute (or less) run were being weak or ridiculous. Then I started taking spin classes at the old Quincy YMCA where the instructors strongly encouraged you to sip water throughout the class. Since the spin class was taught in a poorly ventilated storage closet (this is more or less true) I quickly overheated, gave into peer pressure, drank my drinky-drink and have never again questioned hydrating during a workout!

I have definitely noticed a difference in the quality of my runs since I started bringing water with me last year. Instead of spending the second half of my run physically overheated and dying of thirst, I am able to comfortably focus on executing the workout at hand. In fact being thirsty is never a factor in why I may have a “bad run”- that scenario is typically due to a lack of sleep or less than stellar eating habits, but never thirst (progress, right?).

Drinking water during a workout can make a huge difference in your ability to stay focused and push harder and longer during a rigorous work out in the summer sun! So honestly, why not! 


I take water on runs…
over 45 minutes (6+ miles)

During the run… I sip water on the move about every 1-2 miles.

I always bring water … when it is 70 degrees or warmer! (sometimes to just throw over my head)

My hydration belt: I absolutely love my Nathan 2 bottle (10 oz each) fuel belt!! It has a snap buckle (not velcro) and can adjust to various waist sizes. It also has a zip pocket that can fit my phone, extra shot blocks and even my iPod if need be.

Bottom line: I’d rather be comfortable (and safe) and look silly wearing my fuel belt if it means that I’ll be able to run faster and longer!

What about you?

Do you drink water/Gatorade on the run?? Why? Why not?

While I absolutely love my Nathan Fuel Belt does anyone else run with a  handheld ask? I’m curious to know other’s experiences- does this bother you on the run- weight wise?


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