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France Part 1: La plage, la glace et un peu du jogging!

My husband, daughter and I are currently on vacation in Thones, France (south eastern France, near Geneva).

While I have been to the area before I have never tried to run here! It’s extremely hilly – I mean, really hilly- it’s the alps!!! My first run was so tough that I actually had to circle in some driveways to catch my breath, but I finally made it to the top and the view was spectacular.

France sunday1

Part of Sunday’s running route. It just kept going up!



My favorite view of the run!



We visited le Lac d’Annecy, a majestic glacial lake with a beautiful old city close by.  We went to the beach during the day, window shopped our way through the antique shops in town and even enjoyed a private date night.


Le Lac d’Annecy




Strolling through Annecy’s restaurants and antique markets.



J’adore un cornet de la glace!



O, Lilly and I also visited La Clusaz, a local ski resort in the winter and known for its killer cycling routes in the summer. Here Lillian enjoyed her first chocolate crepe. While she started off eating like a little lady, she began to resemble a walker (from The Walking Dead, obvi) by the end of the meal tearing the crepe apart with her teeth!


France sunday

Someone likes chocolate.



We took a gondola ride up to the top of La Clusaz! The view was spectacular from the top!

France sunday3


It rained for most of Monday- thankfully I had planned for a day off of running :). I snapped a picture (below) from our balcony of the fog creeping through the valley. Kind of creepy, right?



The fog reminds me of the black smoke from Lost! Right??

Check back for more pictures of the local cuisine and our time in Geneva!


Question:  Do you run when on vacation or do you take the time to completely unplug, rest and recover?




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