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France Part 2: Repose par le piscine, encore de la glace, et finalement Geneve!

Check out the first part of the trip here: France: Running, Eating and Ice Cream!

The second part of our vacation included lots more running and food (mostly coffee, croissants and ice cream) and a short stop in Geneva before heading back to the States.

Lilly, O and I enjoyed a lunch in La Clusaz at La Caleche. La Clusaz is primarily a ski town in the winter and a stopping point for cyclists biking the alps in the summer. We watched a ton of (foolish) youngsters [guess I’m getting old] mountain biking down the ski slopes and going off of man made jumps. Oh the glory days of engaging in activities that will likely cause you serious physical harm (ahem, college).


Lunch was delicious- as usual. I have learned that even if I don’t know what I am ordering on the menu, the French know food- it’s called trust. So, I took a leap and ordered the duck. (I jump, you jump, right?).

France sunday4

Enjoying a meal in La Clusaz! Un café (top right) and duck with a honey sauce (bottom left) for me! Yum!



Before we left Thones, France (for Geneva) I squeezed in my last run (9.5 miles). Check out the elevation chart below- just brutal!I just kept reminding myself that I’ll reach the end faster if I kept running!

Fullscreen capture 832013 75033 AM


After the run we packed up and headed to Geneva, our last stop before home! O and I tried to relax by the pool. Relax with a toddler? I know, oxymoron (bottom left). We even tried to coax her with ice cream! She shoveled it down and sulked when it was all gone (top right)

France Running1

We walked around downtown Geneva for before dinner. We came upon a large water fountain that Lillian desperately wanted to swim in, so we compromised…


Contrary to what it may look like, no, I am not throwing my daughter into the fountain.

Even though the vacation in France was super fun and the runs were absolutely beautiful I’m glad to be home!!

Tomorrow is RACE DAY! 🙂

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