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Five MORE running shoe questions, answered!

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And you thought I only knew the answers to five common running shoe questions- FOR SHAME! The reality is that I’ve been working at the running store for nearly three years and I feel confident in this fact: I know a lot about running, athletic shoes and feet. Do I know everything? Absolutely not. More often than not a customer will come in, kick of their stinky shoes and complain to me about some odd food condition from which they are suffering.  I observe. I listen. I learn. Add in the fact that the store gets a weekly product training sessions from brand representatives (Feetures, Gu, Brooks, Asics and Superfeet to name a few) and I feel well equipped to properly fit customers for running shoes.

**Note- I’m NEITHER a podiatrist nor a physical therapist so don’t ask me medically related questions. But shoe questions- send them my way!**

I decided to share five more common questions I hear in the store in my newest post for The Run Formula. Click HERE for the post!

Questions (and answers) include:

  • Why do I have to go up a half size in my running shoes?
  • I’m a size ## in my running shoe. Why are my shoes suddenly too tight?? Did my feet grow?
  • Do athletic socks really make a difference?
  • What do I do if my feet are two different sizes?
  • What do I do if my feet are a FULL SIZE (or more) different from each other?


~ Kass

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