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(From the archives) My 5 Favorite Posts


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Over the past two years I have written a lot about my workouts, training plans and foods that I eat, but at its core The Lone Runner blog is about my pursuit towards finding a balance between parenting, working and running. Early on I posted more personal narratives about important moments that I’ve had in life. Recently the blog has gotten away from that narrative style and I’d like to make a point to write more personal posts and to let you all in a little bit more.

I’m not a perfect mother or a track star. Hell, I really stink at my wifely duties too sometimes. But I’m trying. Every day I’m busting my butt to be better. To be a better mother, to hone my craft of running and to pick up the damn dry-cleaning on time!

Here are my top five favorite posts that I’ve ever written. Each stories represents moments and life lessons (albeit some very silly) that I never want to forget.

IMG_0517Sunrise Run (Part 2) 

A quick phone call with dad that still brings me to tears.


My dad’s words resonated with me “I’ve watched the world wake up for 30 years.” He discovered the magic of the sunrise run long ago. He knew exactly what I witnessed and how I felt: vacant roads that are usually lively, the arrival of a new day as the sun’s rays creep over the horizon, the sense of accomplishment on finishing a run before most people leave their homes and most importantly impatiently longing to do it all over again. 


Could his running days really be numbered? I slowly digested this information. The man has spent over 30 years of his life waking up to do something that brings him pure joy – and that could all be gone. My eyes begin to fill with tears. As I reflect on how happy running makes me, I am simultaneously faced with the thought of having it being ripped away from me some day (read more)



photo 3

My first 1st place: YMCA Frozen 5k 2014


Coach said, “You know those people who effortlessly glide when they run… you’re not one of them. You look like it’s tough work, like you’re really working out there!!”

Coach hit the nail on the head. I am well aware that my stride is rough on the eyes. And yet somehow I seem to move forward while running (and make progress in training). How is this possible? I believe it is because…. (read more)





photo 5 (7)

Trophy Wife – PRs are not given, they are earned. I’m making as many PRs in parenting as I am in running—and I feel like I’m earning all of them.

 . . . 

Trainer: I just don’t get it. Why do you put so much pressure on yourself? Why the disappointment?

Me: I don’t see it as pressure and disappointment. I see racing as a fun challenge. Being competitive is fun for me. I like the pressure. I have a baby and no job (at the time); I have to focus my energy somewhere, haha- Might as well be running!

Trainer: Why not put your energy back into your child?

This question left my blood boiling. I wanted to scream… (read more





Graduation Day: 

The real reason why you need to run hills.

While running with my dad I huffed and puffed my way to the top of a hill, caught my breath and jokingly blurted out, “Dad, if the whole world were a hill I would be running down it and you would be running up it.” Dad quickly retorted, “A world of downhills?! Ha!.. (read more)




photo 1-001

Mama, why are you always rushing?? (The running mom and the curse of the non-suit-pant-pants.”

Remember when I showed up at Lillian’s parent-teacher conference with a gushing head wound? That was winning.

“As usual I was running late. I don’t know if I have ever gone into the dry cleaners and hadn’t been running late. Yes, it’s me again- Mrs. Berry- the crazed wife who is walking around in 20 degree weather with wet hair and only one jean pant leg shoved into her Ugg. I am well aware that I don’t have my shit together-ever- it is one of my less endearing qualities. Just take the ticket and get me my non-suit-pant-pants, pronto please…” (read more)



I hope you have enjoyed reading these as much as I have enjoyed writing them over the past few years!


Never Stop Running,

Kass/The Lone Runner


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