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Our Jersey Shore Vacation, 3 words per picture.




Jumping for joy 🙂 post run.

A getaway. A mental refresh. A time out. A physical recharge.

A vacation.

A Jersey native I grew up vacationing with friends and family at various towns along the Jersey shore: Cape May, Ocean City and Long Beach Island. When my parents expressed interest in getting the whole family together on Long Beach Island for a week long family vacation my siblings and I jumped at the offer to relive our old memories. But a whole week in the same house with my entire family!? Whoa! That’s a lot of together time! Plus we’d be under the same roof as five children under five years old?? Would we even survive? 🙂 Haha! Not only did we survive, as you will see in the pics below we had a blast!

Not only was this was the first vacation that my family has ever taken together since I graduated from high school, but our week long trip to LBI was the longest amount of consecutive time my family has spent together in well over a decade. When we originally planned the LBI trip I planned on getting together with other friends in the area, but then I realized that my family truly needed this time together. Ever since I went to college at Bucknell, grad school in Los Angeles and then moved back to Boston I have not spent more than 48 hours with my family. They deserve more from me- and even moreso, Lillian deserves as much time as possible with her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

This past week we had a blast as we watched the five kids running around like maniac, making fun of my brother for secretly wanting to go to this Star Wars themed pediatric dentist, watching my husband attempt to ‘out sandcastle’ me, getting some quality sister-sister time, nightly ice cream and fudge runs, watching the sun rise over the water and talking to my dad about my favorite topic- running. In my opinion the whole vacation was something pretty darn special and I hope that Lillian will remember it for years to come- I know I will. I know I haven’t said it enough– Mom & dad, thanks for bringing us all together this past week for an awesome vacation!! We had an amazing time! I love you!


Here are a few of my favorite pics from the trip with (about) three words per picture.


We have arrived.


First stop on vacation? Ice cream. Duh! #thebigdipper #surfcity


The biggest smile.


“Lilly, what was your favorite part of the whole vacation?” ….. “The ice cream.” #myprideandjoy

French Family Vacation. #dinnahtime #Iamtakingthepicture



We be beachin’.


I hate sand. I hate reapplying sunblock every hour. But boy do I love relaxing!


The littlest cousins.


Sami and Keira 🙂 just over 1 year old.

Nightly story time.

Walking and talking….  Most nights after dinner we got the kiddos ice cream and walked around on the beach as the sun set. Not too shabby.




Best friends forever.



Seashells with grandma.




All vacation Lillian kept repeating, “This is the BEST DAY EVER mama! Thank you thank you!!” The more she grows, the more I love her. 🙂



Post run snuggles.




Climbed to top!! (Barnegat Lighthouse)


I still can’t believe that Lillian, Dylan and Ryan all climbed to the top and walked all the way back down!! So many stairs!

French family clan… wait, where’s mom?!


Left to right: My sister Kerry, me, my dad, and brother Kenny who is still obsessed with Star Wars.

Future field hockey all-star.


First time mini-golfing!

Eagle scout sandcastle! BOOM!


One day we went to a beach on the bay side of the island. It had calm waters, a small place for the kids to safely play in the water and sand that was PERFECT for sandcastles. Naturally, O got right in there as he tried to make a sand-mansion.

Building the stable. ~ I thought we were building a sandcastle together, but Lillian informed me that daddy builds the castles and mommy builds the stable for the horses. Oh well, I tried :). Gosh I love her so much!



Pirates are attacking!! ~ We went on the LBI Black Pearl pirate ship. There the kids dressed up like pirates, we sailed the high seas and we were even attacked by pirates! Each child had a water cannon they could use to aim at the pirates and keep them away from the treasure on board. This was quite possibly the BEST part of the vacation. 🙂



Quickly! It’s dripping!. 🙂  Mommy to the rescue!



Bike that seats 5… with 6 passengers. Guess who is running?


Left to right: Aunt Keri, cousin Ryan, Aunt Kerry (sister), cousin Dylan & Lillian. Yours truly is running while taking the pictures…

My first romper…. err… as an adult 🙂 Thanks mom.


Parasailing. Finally quiet.



Gimme BIG money… or some tickets that I can buy a kazoo with! (The arcade at Fantasy Island)


Recharge. Refresh. Vacation.

FullSizeRender (1)

And now I’m headed back to reality! 🙂 The awesome venture that is balancing coaching, working at the running store, training for Baystate, keeping the house clean and everything in-between. Giddy up!


Never Stop Running,

The Lone Runner

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