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Exciting news!!


Well hello there! No, I haven’t forgotten about this blog. This week has been chock full of work, one very sick little, many miles and passing out on my pillow before 9 pm nearly every single night. This week I decided to stop fighting and give in to what my body wanted and needed: rest and recovery. This training cycle it’s not the runs that have been too demanding, rather it’s the big picture of life (work, run, mom, coaching, emotional stuff) and learning how to manage it all. I’ll be honest- I feel it. I physically feel the stress of separation and this week I finally listened to my body and got over 9 hours of sleep every night and started eating MUCH better. Wow- what a difference!! After 4 days of solid sleep and nutrition I finally started to feel rested in the morning!

I will fill you in on the meals and miles of training in another post. Right now I wanted to share some SUPER EXCITING NEWS!!! Last week the local Lululemon store in Hingham, MA asked me to be one of their local Boston Marathon Mavens. Boston-based Lulu stores typically choose 2-4 marathoners to show love and support to during their training cycle. I am incredibly honored to be chosen as one of Hingham’s two mavens! The best part is that the other maven is a local Scituate mom who I’ve met at the running store countless times! I can’t wait to see what else Lulu has in store for their mavens!! Marathon training just got that much more fun :). Wahoo!!!

A huge THANK YOU to Lululemon for this honor and for their love and support!!


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  1. Jan Andrews

    That is truly amazing!! Keep up the great work. I had to rest more this weekend than I wanted. But the body needed it. Take care and happy training !!

  2. That is so great and you are so deserving. I am a huge fan of Lululemon and you will definitely represent the brand well.

  3. Allison Joyce

    Exciting news! You are doing a great job of raising your running and coaching profile 🙂 congrats!

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