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Dressing for the 3 C’s of winter: The crisp, the cold and the cruel.

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Are you training for a spring marathon?

Why? But seriously, WHYYYYYY?

Why did you decide to train through the winter full of dark, cold days with unpredictable training conditions?

I know why! Chances are you decided to train through winter for the exact same reason I did: hope. Ahhhh you foolishly stupid hopeful runner- like myself!

After training for the 2015 Boston marathon through Boston’s WORST WINTER in history I thought to myself, “Do I REALLY want to train through winter again? Do I really want to battle the cold, the whipping winds and the raw elements for 20 mile training runs.” Nope, I really truly didn’t. I’m fairly certain that I am mildly traumatized from begin so cold all of the time… or maybe it’s from the heat not working in the running store. Yup, awesome-sauce all winter long.

But last fall another devilish part of my soul spoke up, “What if… mayyyyyyyyyybe this upcoming winter isn’t that bad!?!  What if Indian summer lasts all winter long and we never see a drop of snow or temperatures below 20 degrees? What if this is an unseasonably warm winter and you MISSED OUT on the best winter training conditions for a spring marathon? Kass, what if you could PR at Boston?

And there it was, my stupid hope for the best, what if things are different, I really want to PR mentality. So even though I didn’t want to train for Boston I couldn’t NOT train for Boston. 

And my bet is that the same is true for you, dear reader- as well as every other poor sap who decides to train through winter1 Even though you don’t WANT TO train through winter, you essentially HAVE TO because of the EVIL WHAT IF’s! Hindsight is a bitch and you refuse to show her mercy!!!

So here you are in mid-January training for your spring race and this week winter decided to make an appearance. The greater Boston region woke up to 4 inches of snowy crud on Monday morning, are faced with 20 MPH winds and temperatures in the teens on Tuesday and have a teeth-grittingly super amazing nor’easter on the docket for this weekend’s festivities. Lovely. I just looooove winter training.

So what do you do? And more importantly… WHAT DO YOU WEAR to train in the elements while getting in the best quality workout??


Here is an article I wrote for Your26.2 marathon coaching company entitled:

How to dress for the three C’s of winter: the crisp, the cold and the cruel

The article is chock full of product recommendations. DEFINITELY comment if you have any other amazing products that we should be aware of to keep runners warm this winter!!


Stay warm runners and SHOW NOW MERCY!

Never Stop Running,



3 Responses

  1. I have to admit, I would take winter running all day over summer…but that being said our summer weather is way more oppressive than winter. We don’t get too much snow here so that makes running on the roads a bit simpler.

  2. Mark Varner

    It seems like for most of January when I have run it is in the cruel category < 15 degrees. If the wind is blowing & less than 5 than it definitely makes it the craptastic (is this a word. I guess when it gets this cold) category. I still go out there if I can convince myself it will be ok.

    I have not tried the Sugoi tights but have heard they are good. Still love my CW-X (I have to scour the internet for deals to afford them). I did get the Sugoi speedster 4 hoodie which is quite warm, has a formfitting hood, high neck w/zipper, cuff sleeves & 1/2 zip. The price is right for this now since it is around $70.

    Under Armour had a high neck top that went up to your face & zipper pocket in the back but it looks like they don't make it anymore. I wear this quite regularly. I am so grateful that you listed the Asics Storm shelter jacket (last year) because I wear it most every day (to be seen) plus it really is wind & waterproof.

    Keep up the good work of running, working, coaching & being an awesome mom!

    • thelonerunner

      Mark you LOOOOVE those CW-x tights!! 🙂 you’ll never surrender them! haha. I’m going to look into the Sugoi speedster hoodie if and when I need another warm one! Thanks!!

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