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So long, farewell, auf widershen, goodbye… to my 20’s. Hello thirty, flirty and thriving!


Love this munchkin!

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye… to my 20’s. Today I turn the big 3-0!! Yikes! I must admit that I’m nervous about this next decade!

Your 20’s are for self discovery and exploration- trying on new identities, new careers, romances and seeing what works and what doesn’t. I may not be in my 20’s anymore, but what if I’m not done exploring yet? What if I am still figuring out who I am? I’m not saying I’m lost, but I feel like I’m just coming into my own- with running, parenting and definitely still with my career (or lack thereof really).

Honestly, it’s hard to let go of my 20’s! I made a lot of great memories in the past decade…


I met the love of my life at 20. He wooed me with thai food, wine and trips to Santa Barbara and France. And it worked ;).

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‘Ray Bucknell! I graduated from college at 21 where I thought I knew everything. I knew exactly what I was going to do with my life/career.

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I followed my future hubs to California for graduate school. There I had my first baby, Sydney at 24.

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I also got married at 24- It was a pretty awesome year!

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I became a mom at 27… and quickly realized I knew nothing.. except that I love my little girl more than I knew I could love someone.

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At 28 I became a runner. I ran farther than I had ever run in the past 10 years and realized that I was capable of so much more than I had ever imagined. I’ll never forget my first 18 miler (pictured below). What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?



I became a NYC marathoner/BQ’ed at 29.


It’s safe to say it’s been decade full of life and love. 🙂 And now it’s time to move on to my 30’s. A new decade- not to mention a new age bracket- to embark upon!


Thirty, flirty and thriving… (let’s hope so!)

All throughout high school, college and grad school I was a planner, a highlighter-user, and a to-do list maker- and honestly- I excelled. I passed my tests with flying colors, received a 4.0 in grad school- yep, I got things done! THEN I HAD A BABY.

After I had Lillian I attended parenting classes at Isis Parenting in Hanover, MA. On the first day I walked in with my four week old baby and an distinctly remember the instructor’s suggestion to the class, “Stop making to-do lists. You have a baby. Everything will get done in due time and you will ALWAYS have more to do. Just stop and let be what will be.” I took this guidance to heart and after several years of obsessive list making I stopped cold turkey. I let go of my lists and my to do’s and just lived. At times this was incredibly freeing and relaxing, yet at other times I probably should have gotten off my bum and cleaned my kitchen floor more often!

Well my little baby is nearly three years old and I’m 30. It’s time to get back to work. It’s time to start making lists again in my life. Time to get organized. Time to create a plan. Time to move forward with my career. And this all starts now. 

Today I am starting my first list. Things that I would like to accomplish over the next year- some specific, some general. But at least it’s a start.

1. Love: Fall in love again, and again, and again. Marriage is tough work. Owen and I have been married for 5 years and we need to keep it fresh and fun! I’m thinking date nights, mini-vacations (if/when possible) and small surprise gifts to show him how much I love him :).

2.  Career: While I will stay at the running store for the forseeable future, I also want to explore other career paths in running, health and fitness. I want to look into certifications for becoming a running coach, and explore any other professions in the health/fitness field related to running.

3. Mother– I want to carve out time each week for us to play together- build forts, go on hikes, do arts and crafts- simply play together. Often I get caught up in having to cook dinner, do dishes and prepare for the next day that I don’t enjoy her enough! And she is so much fun!!! She is growing up so fast!

4. Myself– I need to get myself to the doctor! Ok, all the doctors! The dentist, the lady doctor, a primary care. How come the dog is up on all her shots and never EVER misses a doctor appointment, but I haven’t had a physical in over five years. I know I am fit, but am I healthy? Enough said.

5. Running– I can’t forget running goals! Over the next year I plan to run 2 half marathons and two marathons!! Wahoo! It’s no secret that my goal is to break a 20 minute 5k, a 1:30 half marathon and – wait for it- 3:22 in the marathon! Lots of work to do this year!! Lot of miles to run!!

Things are looking up for 30!


Lilly and I this past weekend!! Love my mini-me!

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