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Post-race ramblings: Where do we go from here?


What do you do after you finish the best race of your life? You’re motivated. You’re on a racing high!! You don’t want  You feel like you could take on the world- and in the runner’s world that means the daddy of all races- THE BOSTON MARATHON! Yep, my current plan is to tackle the Boston Marathon in the spring!! I can’t express to you all how much I need this marathon – to clear my mind, to lose myself in the long run and to find myself in the long run. Training through the Boston winter again will be down right brutal, but I need this. I need something consistent in my life, something tangible to work towards, accomplish and achieve. In so many ways I am READY to train for another marathon!! YESSSS!


And that’s one ginormous “however”… However, I will officially begin my Boston training on December 1st (that will give me adequate time to comfortably build up my base miles to about 30/35 before initiating tempo runs/speed work from January-March), but it is October 31st. What’s a runner to do? What do you do in the interim between big races?

I’ll tell you what I do- and really, what I have been doing for the past 2 weeks. I’ve been trying to get the rest of my life in order by spending more time with Lillian, visiting family in New Jersey and getting my coaching business organized and moving forward in a big way!!



Lillian and I have spent the week baking muffins for us and homemade dog treats for Sydney!


Fall 20151

Sydney gobbled them up!!


During my first year of coaching I worked with 12 talented athletes: three BQ’ed at their marathons, three had over 10 minute PR’s at the marathon distance and every athlete who stayed with me from start to finish completed their goal race strong!! I have been immensely fortunate to work with such talented athletes this season and am excited to continue coaching for many seasons to come. But do you know what REALLY is awesome-sauce with a cherry on top? My inbox has been stuffed with new athletes interested in coaching services for the Spring! WAHOO!! Life has a wild way of working itself out- from being a licensed mental therapist to a SAHM to working at a local running store to coaching runners of all levels for all distances! Even though this career path is so incredibly far from where I started out it just feels right. And if it feels right then why fight it? 🙂  So, I have been spending much of the past two weeks writing training plans for several new athletes as they begin the process of training for a spring race. Eeek!!! It’s SO exciting when things actually start to work out!! 🙂




But running- Have I been running since Baystate? In a matter of words- yes. I took one week completely off post Baystate and I have ran four times over the past week. Most runs were paced easy, some runs were hard and heck, I even did one without my watch! That NEVER happens. I’ve ran about 20-25 miles over the past week, but essentially I have stopped “training” for the time being. I have stopped having completely planned out runs with a designated pace, distance and time. My brain needs a few weeks to decompress from the rigorous of training and right now it is very much a welcome break. Don’t you worry- I’ll be ready for Boston. Give me one month off from focused training and I’ll be chomping at the bit to ride that yellow bus into Hopkinton, take down Heartbreak and glide through that finish line on Boylston!!

I get so pumped thinking about it…. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! 🙂

But distance (from training) makes the heart grow fonder, right?

So for now I will properly recover, work at the running store, focus on my athletes/build my coaching business and try to enjoy this mini-break from training :).


Never Stop Running,

Kass/The Lone Runner


Off season hydrating at work 🙂

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