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  1. Kim

    Hi! I recently started reading your blog and I enjoy it. I’ve gotten into running the past few years running a few 5ks and the Tufts 10k in Boston last fall (I’m from MA – south shore). I’m thinking of maybe training for a half marathon – Plymouths Run to the Rock in sept. I was wondering where you do your long runs? I have at most a 4 mile loop where I live but I wasn’t sure where else I could go for like 6-12 mile runs. Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated!

    • thelonerunner

      Kim- Thank for reaching out!! First of all, awesome to hear that you are challenging yourself to try something new! Love it!! What town do you live in on the south shore? (it’s possible I can make some recommendations). I typically run from the Quincy YMCA (and either double back to my home in braintree and do a loop from there or go up Houghs Neck in Quincy) or from home in Braintree. When I run in Braintree I have tons of different routes depending on the length.

      If you are tight on time to get your workout in then I suggest running from the house. Don’t overthink it- if you have to do an out and back then do an out and back. Sometimes I run on busier roads but that is typically for a shorter part of the run. I have ran in front of entrance and exit ramps to the high way; sure, it’s less than idea, but temporary. If I am on a busier road I turn my music off or just unplug one headphone piece from my ear to really pay attention to traffic for the minute or two it takes to cross the busy area. I almost always run alone and I almost always run a large loop (something about “uncharted territory appeals to me vs. doing an out and back). I typically do not run on trails or in state parks (where something dangerous could occur) alone for safety reasons; beyond that I just walk out my door and make it up. You’ll be surprised how quickly you will learn new areas of town and new cut throughs. My long runs will often take me from Braintree thru Quincy, Weymouth, Randolph, Holbrook and back again!

      If you live close or I know what town you live in I will be happy to make suggestions on ideal run courses. Run to the Rock is HILLY!! So you’ll want to be prepared. I would definitely suggest running on the course 2-3 times. Let me know any way I can help!!

  2. Rhonda

    Hi there. Do you currently take on people to train. How does that work? Thank you

  3. Trisha Naish

    I was referred to you by Brianne Martinez. I am interested in one on one coaching. Are you accepting new clients?


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