Hi, I’m Kass. I’m a 32  year old working mother runner, RRCA certified running coach and 5x marathoner. Since I started running in 2013 I have completed 5 marathons all with a sub 3:35 Boston Qualifying times and a marathon PR of 3:16.

Running has taught me that far too often do we underestimate our own strength- both physical and mental. I coach runners who are ready to commit to training by taking a leap of faith in placing their running goals in my hands. I coach runners who yearn to discover exactly how strong their body and mind truly are. I coach runners who are ready to get comfortable with being uncomfortable on the road. Let me just say- I coach some kick-ass runners!!!

Inspiring runners to dig deep, find and believe in their own strength and giving them a step-by-step plan to reach their goals is what I do best. Even though I am based out of the Boston’s South Shore I work closely with 15-20 athletes from all over the country including: Rhode Island, New Jersey, Florida, Maryland and even California. Daily emails, monthly conference calls and routine Strava stalking helps keep me apprised of each athlete’s progress, questions and concerns.

Running may be my passion, but coaching is my calling.

Message me today at to learn more about The Lone Runner coaching services and pricing.


One-on-one Coaching Includes:

* 60 minute Initial Phone Consultation
* Evaluation of Race/Training History/Current running level
* Personalized training plan updated every four weeks provided via an online coaching platform/phone app (training plan includes a detailed description of workouts – duration/distance, intensity/pace); plan is based on preference of number of days running, long run day (if applicable), specific days off, etc
* Daily, unlimited communication via email with an email response within 24 hour
* Race week planning
* Long run/race day nutrition and hydration instruction
*Membership in a private Lone Runner Facebook group to foster community support and where we celebrate team successes
*Bottom line: I’m on you like white-on-rice. Ask my athletes. If you don’t run, I KNOW. How? Because I see everythingggggg 🙂



“Kass introduced me to heart rate training, track workouts, and strength work.   I began to run faster than ever and felt strong when I ran.   I never once missed a workout – I logged every mile Kass put in front of me, every crazy core exercise, all the strength.  There would not be any regrets.  I did not want to risk falling short of my goal. The day of my goal race arrived and for 26.2 miles I maintained a pace I would never even dream about before working with Kass.  Mile after mile, it all clicked.  The weather, my fueling, my legs.  I crossed the finish line 11 minutes faster than the time I needed to qualify.  11 minutes!  There was no denying that I was going to run the 2017 Boston Marathon.”

~ Lisa Grafton, The Lone Runner Team athlete.


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Several of The Lone Runner Team athletes at Plymouth’s Run to the Rock Half Marathon 2016





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