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Coaches Corner: Tips on how & when to run again post-marathon.



After racing the Baystate Half Marathon in October I took one full week off of running. Then I very gradually (and slowly) added a few runs a week in with very low mileage. During my first few weeks back I kept thinking to myself, “How do you drive this thing again?!?” My pace was all over the place!! I either felt ridiculously sluggish or I would try to add a little pressure and ended up going WAY TOO FAST!! I felt like I was operating in complete extremes during each run! I

On the run I started to wonder, “Didn’t I just race a half marathon at a 7 min/mi pace? Why on Earth does 8 min/mi pace feel impossible? And why does 5 miles feel like a death march??” Even though I knew the answer I am the type of person who needs that not-so-subtle reminder every now and then when it comes to my training. Enter Coach Beth. 🙂 Together we worked to help me relearn how and when to run again post-A race.
Check out this article I wrote for Your26.2 on my experiences running  and training post A-race entitled: Running again post marathon: Managing expectations and setting goals. 



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