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Chocolate Lover’s Protein Shake


Need to cool off and quickly refuel after a long run? Try this nutrient-rich blended shake.




After a gnarly 9 mile run in 80 degree heat I had two priorities: cool off and quickly refuel!


I did some laps in the kiddie pool and then headed inside. I busted out the blender and came up with this delicious concoction: a chocolate-peanut butter-banana protein shake. I even added some spinach for a healthy boost of nutrients!

A frozen delight, this high-carb-high protein shake definitely delivers as a great post-run treat!


Ingredients (yields 2 servings)

1 heaping scoop of whey protein powder (chocolate, vanilla or peanut butter)
1.5 T Almond butter
¾ cup of chocolate almond milk (or soy milk)
1 large banana
1 full pint glass of ice cubes
*optional- 1 cup of fresh spinach





Measure out chocolate almond milk and add to blender. Next add whey protein powder, almond butter, and banana to mixture. Blend until smooth.

Add ice and blend until smooth.

If you prefer and added boost of nutrients add a handful of fresh spinach and blend together.

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Get a bendy-straw, elevate feet and cool off with drink in hand! Enjoy!


Question: How do you typically refuel with after a long run?

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