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Week in review: Tips to training in the summer sun.

                  LET’S EAT ALL THE PIE 🙂


Since I’ve already written my existential crisis post-of-the-month then I think it’s high time that I write about running on this running blog. After running a 3:25:XX at the 2017 Boston Marathon I set my eyes on racing the Chicago Marathon this coming fall. My hopes and dreams revolve around a marathon PR, which would mean a sub 3:16 (sub 7:28 pace per mile- holy jesus).

Post Boston recovery included lower mileage weeks and no speed work for April and May, but since June hit it’s been game on! Each week I have been running approximately 52-58 miles. Each week includes 3 hard effort workouts including:

  • an 8-9 mile tempo run of a warm up, then  2 x 12 min intervals sustained hard effort, then cooldown
  • 8-9 miles with 5-7 hill repeats to build strength
  • A 16 mile long run focused on building endurance /durability, practicing hydration/fueling and nailing pacing

I recently realized that after running consistently for 4 years I now don’t get nervous about running long, hill workouts or tempo runs. I have built up the mental confidence and physical durability to KNOW that I can head out there on the road and not have a problem. And that’s pretty darn cool! I want to be clear that IT STILL HURTS to run in 80+ degree temps when you feel like you are breathing air through a straw- I am human after all- but I feel like I have learned how to successfully train in challenging conditions. Here are the runs I did this week along with some tips/tricks on how I adjusted for the balmy New England weather…


Monday– 7 miles @ 8:15 pace HR zone 1 @ 141 = conversational pace (splits- 8:46, 8:27, 8:25, 8:19, 8:02, 8:06, 7:44)

*Tip: if it’s an easy day then RUN EASY. Watch your heart rate and don’t push at the end. Just run comfortably!


Lilly and I woke up early on Monday morning and drove from CT to Boston. I was able to move my 10 am appointment to 11 am and still squeeze in 7 morning miles- phew!


Tuesday– 10 miles of 7x hill repeats @ 8:18 pace. Body was TIRED so I took 3 miles to warm up very slowly. What a difference.

Tip: If the body says NO, then give it an extra mile to run slow/do a longer warm up and then GIVE IT A TRY. Don’t bail on a workout before you even try.

Tip: For hill repeats, MENTALLY CHUNK the workout to get through it. “Do 2 repeats then a water break… only 7 minutes of HARD work. I CAN DO ANYTHING FOR 7 MINUTES“.

Morning miles make me smile 🙂


Wednesday– 4.5 miles @ 9:27 pace (Recovery day, HR @ 131, miles were just to warm up legs); Strength train for 70 min.

Tip – Every run DOES NOT have to be faster than the previous one. Today’s run was just about getting out there, watching the sun rise and plodding along at whatever pace felt comfy. Didn’t look at watch. NO pressure on this one.

Two words: DRY. SHAMPOO. I got a run AND a lift in and didn’t have to redo my hair before work. BEST DAY EVER.


Thursday- 9.5 miles @ 8:03 pace overall- with 2×12 minutes of hard tempo intervals integrated (interval paces @ 7:04 and 6:57)

Tip: My ipod shuffle is on the fritz so I’ve been all about mantras to pull me through on the runs. Today’s mantras were “Can’t stop, Won’t stop.” and “You get what you give.” Yep, that means for 12 minutes straight I’m repeating the same statement over and over to myself. For the warm up and a cool down I look like a happy golden retriever, tongue out, wagging my tail happily all along Wollaston beach, but once that interval hits I’m out there hunting down that rabbit, focused and determined. You want to get faster? At some point it’s going to have to hurt! Welcome to tempos!


Friday- 5 miles @ 9:37 pace (HR @ 130)

Tip: The day after you run HARD, you should run EASY. Don’t think that you’re getting slower!! It’s what your body wants, so don’t question it.  Today I just kept on plodding along and singing my song… and it was allllll good. 😉


Not sure about where you live, but around central CT we got some CRAZY thunder and lightening storms on Friday night!! So crazy that lightening actually hit the neighbors house ACROSS THE STREET and obliterated his chimney!! Terrifying and awesome at the same time.



Saturday- LONG RUN 16 miles @ 8:09 pace (course went steadily downhill for 8 miles then all the way back uphill)

*Splits- 13 @ z1, 3 @ tempo/z2- 8:42, 8:35, 8:33, 8:14, 8:02, 8:04, 8:23, 8:02, 8:03, 8;28, 8:20, 8:20, 7:47, 7:59, 7:47, 713)


Tip- Today’s run was all about heart rate and hydration. I ran with one 10 oz handheld flask, which I refilled 2x on the run AND took in extra water at water fountains for an estimated total of 35-40 fluid oz (plus 2 GUs @ miles 5, 10). I believe I needed MORE fluid for this run due to the extreme temperature of 82 degrees, humidity @ 100% and dewpoint of 72, but I did feel good throughout the run and never bonked due to dehydration- I’m calling that a win! For HOT long runs I aim to sip water every .5-.75 miles to practice consistently hydrating throughout the run. I always plan long runs around water fountains and/or dunkin donuts to ensure access to extra fluids. All these fluids mean that I typically pee while out there; I used to be shy about this. Key words: used to be.  

Post-long run refuel: Since I didn’t have my recovery drink on-hand I focused on getting a mixture of carbs and protein in ASAP. Helllloooo toasted banana bread with peanut butter and a large glass of milk. Protein-carby galore!



Sunday– 5.8 miles @ 9:58 pace (HR @ 125) ;  same EASY EASY effort as Wednesday, but much hotter out and higher dewpoint. Focused on HR to keep it low and just plodded along happily.

I spent most of this morning sipping coffee & emailing athletes and telling them that they need to run earlier to beat the heat…. and then I went running at 8:15 am- whoopsies! Do as I say… not as I do. Sometimes.


Total miles – 58

All in all it’s been a great week of training. I may have had to go to bed a little earlier to be able to both run earlier and still function at work. I know I know, who needs to actually function at work? I suppose this is me trying.

On to the next week of runs that make you feel like your eye balls are melting while running —and yet in a strange way you enjoy the sufferfest- yay summer running.  🙂


As for today? I get to run in hilly CT and then drive back to Boston to be reunited with my mini-me!!


Never Stop Running,


Happy 4th of July!

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  1. First I wondered why would you need water for short distances then I saw the temperatures you are running with, it’s crazy!

    I had something similar, around 100F down to Virginia Beach about a month ago when I’ve been there with my family and I couldn’t squeeze in more than 5-6 miles. It was ridiculously hot. I love cold milk after runs and before runs as well.

    Keep up the good work, you crushing it Kass! Cheers, Vic

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